An event management solution for higher ROI through scientific tracking

event-management-solutionA need to make events more strategic

Companies are increasingly using events as a strategic marketing tool to connect with their target customers and build the requisite brand image in their minds.


As competition grows fiercer, companies are looking at deriving the maximum ROI out of participating in events. However, in the current system the event management companies are not equipped to address the ever-increasing needs of their customer.


There are many challenges that come up in the current system used by the event management companies.
In majority of the cases, the tracking of customers’ visits and capturing of their queries is done manually which leads to the following issues:

  • Higher risk of capturing erroneous data
  • Difficulty in acknowledging customers by the sales consultant, due to lack of customer information
  • Improper or no tracking of leads, resulting in customer dissatisfaction and business loss
  • No real time status of footfalls, and lack of event statistics for specific counters/stalls
  • Poor customer experience at the registration desk


Ricoh’s solution to capture leads and provide event analytics on a real time basis

Ricoh’s Event Management Solution (EMS) is specially designed for event management companies as well as large corporates who organise a lot of events on their own. It allows users to capture contact information of the event participants, and helps create an up-to-date prospect database.

The solution also helps in capturing the quantum and the nature of information sought regarding any product/solution displayed in the event.

EMS enables corporates to generate a higher ROI on event participation.When used by event management companies,it helps them provide a value-added service to their customers. Ricoh EMS is an integrated solution powered through proprietary software developed by the Ricoh team.
It includes an Event Lead Tracker Mobile App for Android and iOS, besides Ricoh Cloud, ensuring that the sanctity of the data is maintained and it is available to users 365 days upon request.


Prospect details and queries

  • What are the contact details
  • What was their specific query


Automatic alerts

  • The customers – An automatic alert can be programmed to provide information on the product/solution for which information was sought along with contact details of the sales consultant
  • Event participants – This could be about the leads generated for any specific product or solution

Analytics for senior management

  • Real time footfall analysis
  • Analysis of the leads generated from the event
  • Product/solution in the event that generated maximum interest


Helping companies go green

  • Minimises the need to distribute hard copy of brochures, since it can be shared through email



Step 1: Customer walks in to event registration desk or kiosk

Customers are either directed towards the registration desk, where a person sitting behind the counter scans his/her business card. Alternatively, customers could be directed to a kiosk where they could key in their details

Step 2: Printing of event ID card

An event ID card would be printed, which would contain customer’s name, company name and unique ID for that event (contents of the ID card can be customised)

Step 3: Participant visits different stalls

During discussion with the participant, the person manning the stall (sales consultant) would capture his query regarding the product and the unique ID of the participant in a mobile app (which is installed in the sales consultant’s Android and iOS phone)

Step 4: Sharing of leads

At the end of the event, the event management company would have captured the entire customer database, which is stored on Ricoh Cloud, along with the query regarding specific products


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