An exceptional imaging experience for photography professionals

hpnewAt the Consumer Electronic Imaging Fair 2016, held in Mumbai from 7th to 10th January 2016, Ricoh showcased a pentax wide range of industry-leading products meant especially for photo labs and photographers. From Production Printers to Ultra Short Throw Projectors, RICOH and PENTAX Cameras and Binoculars, all facets of the imaging value chain were represented – whether it is capture, projection or printing.

The highlights were the RICOH THETA 360° camera, PENTAX 645Z medium-format camera, production printer Pro C7100X with 5-colour station (that enables printing of white or clear toner in addition to CMYK), and the projector PJ WX4141 with floor projection (which can generate an image of 48” from just 11.7 cm distance from the screen).

At CEIF 2016, over 4 days, approximately 75,000 visitors got an opportunity to witness first-hand the synergy between Ricoh’s different product categories, from input to projection to output devices. They could discover why Pentax and Ricoh cameras are regarded as the most sought-after optics in the world, they could find out how to project the right image with the brighter, sharper line of Ricoh projectors, and they could see Ricoh’s production printing technology that translates photographers’ vision on paper, with precision and perfection.


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