Announcing the PENTAX KP – a mid-class D-SLR camera, with a new APS-C sized image sensor

Ricoh has launched the PENTAX KP, a mid-class digital SLR camera, featuring a new APS-C-sized image sensor and super-high-sensitivity night-scene snapshot photography at ISO 819200.
The camera comes in a newly designed, compact body designed for daily use, this mid-class model provides a full range of basic specifications to produce outstanding works of photographic art, as well as an assortment of customisation features to accommodate the photographer’s demands and specific photographic applications.

The PENTAX KP is designed as a high-performance, high-resolution model which expands the scope of digital SLR photography, from ordinary daily scenes to serious outdoor shooting in demanding weather conditions. Within its compact, slim body featuring an internal structure that has been completely redesigned from scratch, it features a new-generation CMOS image sensor and a high-performance imaging engine to deliver extremely high-resolution, rich-gradation images assured by its 24.32 effective megapixels. It also incorporates other advanced features including a five-axis shake-reduction system, which provides a compensation effect of five shutter steps.

The PENTAX KP is designed to be highly dependable in the harsh environmental conditions found in outdoor photography, as it incorporates reliable features such as a dustproof, weather-resistant structure and cold-proof performance at temperatures as low as -10°C. It also provides a range of customisation features, such as a grip replacement system to personalise the camera’s grip to accommodate the photographer’s shooting style or a mounted lens, and a control panel to allow a flexible panel layout to meet the photographer’s preference.

Thanks to these advanced features, the PENTAX KP assures flexible, delay-free response to a wide variety of scenes and subjects, making it the preferred choice of many discerning photographers.

Main features

  • Super-high-resolution images, assured by approximately 24.32 effective megapixels and super-high-sensitivity photography, at a top sensitivity of ISO 819200
  • Compact, portable body perfect for snapshots, with a weather-resistant structure for harsh outdoor shooting
  • A range of customisation features, including an exchangeable grip
  • PENTAX-original SR II five-axis shake-reduction system featuring the Pixel Shift Resolution System
  • Electronically controlled shutter unit for super-high-speed shooting at 1/24000 second
  • Optical viewfinder with nearly 100% field of view
  • High-speed 27-point autofocus system with the SAFOX 11 module
  • Full HD movie recording with a range of functional settings
  • Vertical-tilt-type LCD monitor
  • PENTAX Real-time Scene Analysis System

Pentax KP body (black) is available in India at an MRP of Rs. 88,584/-, along with a wide range of lens options depending on the usage.

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