ClassTech – The New Age of Imaginative Classrooms


Ricoh ClassTech is a digital multimedia learning solution which caters to the learning needs of the students and enables infrastructure that makes classrooms achieve global standards. ClassTech is created keeping in mind different learning abilities of students of various age groups. The classroom typically comes with PC, finger touch based interactive whiteboard, speakers, projectors, UPS & cabinet. Infrastructure is specially designed and tested to suit Indian operating conditions. The solution provides students an opportunity to not just learn according to the curriculum but also give a chance to improve their IT competency at the same time.

This unique technology platform takes a collaborative approach towards building an interactive learning environment for the students and at the same time allows the administration to easily manage the complete IT infrastructure.

What makes ClassTech a unique education solution?

A number of components comprise this unique education solution that spans the entire gamut of services, from hardware to content, to make learning more enjoyable. Notable among these are:

  1. School Knowledge Hub: The backbone of ClassTech, it is a dedicated area within the school that houses schoolthe multimedia content server.
  2. In-Classroom IT Infrastructure: Interactive Whiteboard, Multimedia Projector,Speakers and CPU connected to the server are provided for each class for interactive learning.
  3. Digital Education Content: Digital Education Content mapped to the curriculum which is pre-loaded on the School Knowledge Hub Server. Provided by HCL Learning, the curriculum is developed by an expert panel of academicians and is divided into modules, making it easy for teachers to use and students to assimilate.
  4. Networking: The solution includes installation and connectivity between server and classrooms. The same is executed by Ricoh technical experts.
  5. On-Premise Technical Support (Optional): Ricoh ClassTech deploys a dedicated on-premise technical resource who ensures continuous functioning of installed hardware and also facilitates teachers.
  6. Comprehensive Hardware Maintenance: Continued maintenance, including preventive maintenance, is undertaken by Ricoh technical experts to ensure the smooth running of the installed IT infrastructure during the duration of the contract.
  7. Teacher Training Workshops: As a part of the ClassTech solution regular Digital Literacy Trainings (DLT), developed by HCL Learning, are conducted for the faculty in order to ensure effective usage of the solution.

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