Connecting shop floor to the top floor through real time monitoring and reporting.

Typical issues faced by manufacturing companies

  • Machines in a typical manufacturing shop floor are idle up to 30% of the time; that is 8 hours per day
  • Often the reasons for down time are unknown or partially known
  • Shop floor data on production quantity and man-machine utilisation is manually collected and compiled, available the next day, and is often inaccurate or doctored; this results in poor decision making
  • No mechanism exists to capture/measure down time of machines accurately
  • It is not possible to monitor progress of productivity initiatives and processes
  • Diverse machines with a mix of new and legacy technologies are huge entry barriers for IT enablers





Industries that will benefit most by using Ricoh’s solution

  • Discrete manufacturing shop floors
  • Auto component OEMs
  • Large mass producing engineering companies with more than 20 CNC machines
  • Aerospace parts manufacturing companies
  • Power generation companies requiring remote monitoring

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