Driving sustainability for our future

Being the first manufacturer in India to have its imaging products meet the environmental benchmarks established by the EPEAT rating system, Ricoh is collaborating with stakeholders to imagine and build a sustainable future. Mr. Manoj Kumar, Managing Director & CEO, Ricoh India Limited, tells us how.
(This interview appeared in Forbes India, June 2015 edition.)

How does synergy between Ricoh and stakeholders help in building a sustainable tomorrow?

As responsible corporate citizens, at Ricoh, we ensure our products and services – across their entire lifecycle – are in harmony with the environment and society. But while a producer can at best ‘make green’, a demand-driven ecosystem requires consumers to ‘enable green’ by introducing sustainable procurement policies and practices. Hence, the need for synergy between the two. The comprehensive and credible ratings of the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT), which rates products on lifecycle basis, allow us to help our customers integrate environmental improvements with business growth.

Why is going green a necessity today for technology companies?

Going green is no longer a ‘beyond business’ decision; it is now essentially a way to ‘business beyond’, to ensure a sustainable business. Technology companies can play the role of ‘enablers to green’ for their diverse spectrum of customers, and at the same time, identify inclusive and responsible engines of business growth.

Tell us about Ricoh’s sustainability action plans.

Our commitment to sustainability is woven into our corporate DNA, as it has always been part of The RICOH Way – the foundation of all our business activities. Our goal is to help build a sustainable society, the impact of which on the environment never exceeds Earth’s self-recovery capabilities. At Ricoh, we have formulated the ‘Year 2050 Long-Term Environmental Vision’ as a milestone to attain such an ideal society; we have been working on Mid- and Long-Term Environmental Impact Reduction Goals and Environmental Action Plans.

What processes has Ricoh instituted to achieve its green goals?

Ricoh’s Managed Document Services and IT Services combine people, processes and technology to deliver consistent, long-term savings and increased productivity. Our 360o approach with vertical customisation for client domain establishes us as a one-stop business solutions provider for increasing workplace efficiency of corporate enterprises and government agencies, through IT automation and process integration. Our Total Green Office Solutions (TGOS) support visualising, analysing and minimising environmental impacts and costs occurring at each step of selection, use and recycle of Ricoh products and services. Ricoh’s R&D centres devise innovations with sustainability-orientation, such as biomass plastic, biomass toner technology, rewritable recording technology, to name a few.

How would you interpret Ricoh’s tagline imagine. change. in terms of sustainability?

We, as human beings, are gifted with the ‘power to imagine’. Change is driven by imaginative thinking. Every day, all over the world, Ricoh helps people harness the power of collective imagination to enjoy a more productive, fulfilling and sustainable quality of life. Ricoh has been recognised as one of the ‘Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the world’ for the 10th consecutive year, and as the ‘2015 World’s Most Ethical Company’ by the Ethisphere Institute for the sixth time. This affirms that Ricoh has been successful in both imagining and executing change.

Ricoh India offers a free ‘take-back’ service for its end-of-life products to be recycled in an environmentally sound manner. Call toll-free: 1800-11-6600/1800-103-0066 or post a request at www.ricoh.co.in



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