‘Eco Karma’ Contest on World Environment Day


Eco Karma

As a global organisation, Ricoh recognises its role as a corporate citizen. Caring for the environment and the earth has always been an essential part of how the company does business.

On the occasion of World Environment Day (5th June), Ricoh India organised the Ricoh ‘Eco-Karma’ Contest, encouraging various stakeholders – colleagues, families, customers, partners – to learn about its sustainability charter. It also urged everyone to take part in various environmental activities.

The Contest required participants to accumulate their ‘Eco-Karma’ at successively increasing levels – from one’s personal Eco-pledge to Social network pledge, Customer eco-pledge, Eco-Karma @ Office, Eco-Karma out-of-office. To incentivise them, there were exciting prizes on offer.

The Contest witnessed enthusiastic participation. Across the country, Ricoh employees took part in a variety of initiatives such as tree plantation and eco-activation. In addition, at Ricoh’s corporate office in Delhi, saplings were distributed to all employees, and an Eco-Karma ‘Wall of Frames’ came up, with employees pledging their support for eco-living.

This initiative was part of Ricoh’s efforts to integrate the concept of sustainable environmental management into its business processes, and to remain a valued and respected member of society by conserving the environment while generating profits through its businesses.

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