Experience incredible projection from mere 4 inches!

Introducing Ricoh’s Ultra Short Throw Projectorsintroducing

The new Ricoh ProjectorPJ WX4141 series is the first of its kind to have a ‘Free Form Mirror’, projection.This  innovative design not only helps with a reduced weight but also a compact size, durable & easy to carry which leads to its uniqueness in the Ultra Short Throw category.

Ricoh’s Innovative technology and design helps to reduce the Screen to Projector distanceto 4 inches compare to 5 feet of normal projector. Such unique feature freedom to the presenter without distraction of shadow during the presentation.

Be it a remote-conference, or an internal meeting, a class presentation, or an interactive Iesson,indeed a projector is an absolute necessity Designed specifically with high-class features, Ricoh’s Ultra Short Throw Projectors are unique as they are the only ‘Vertical’ projector that does not use an external mirror as many UST projectors do. Ricoh’s Ultra Short Throw Projectors can be an answer to flexibility and versatility demanded by the various customer verticals such as education, retail, entertainment, etc. with its Unique Features such as: 3D

  • 3D Projection: Enjoy the experience of viewing real life projection with this incredible feature of 3D projection. This model has various other important features like, auto keystone correction and background correction.
  • Wireless Connectivity: This projector comes with cutting-edge innovations, including network connectivity, remote management and optional interactive features. The presenter to connects ‘wirelessly’ from various devices such as a ‘laptop or an iPad. It also supports projection of PDFs and JPEG images through a flash drive /USB Pen drive – thereby eliminatingbuiltin the need for any other devices like a PC /laptop.
  • Built-in Interactivity: This projector contains the feature of built-in interactivity and creates an ‘Electronic Whiteboard’, on any surface where the image is projected.

How Ricoh’s Ultra Short Throw Projector can improve your workspace:

  • Formal and informal collaboration in businessformal
    Ricoh PJ WX4141 projectors are remarkably versatile. The upright design, wireless operation, ultra short throw and portability features of PJ WX4141 negates the constraints of table top projectors. High contrast ratios and bright output ensure superb image quality at all times.
  • Easy interactivity with Informal Tutorials
    Ultra Short Throw Projectors make lessons more memorable by enabling interaction without the distraction of on-screen shadows and lamp glare.With easy set-up and interactivity built-in, the Ricoh PJ WX414attention1NI is ideal for informal tutorials as well as lessons and lectures.
  • Attention-grabbing Display
    Ricoh PJ WX4141 projectors are an economical alternative to flat panel displays in shop windows and on the shop floor, and are more eye-catching than printed posters. Because they can be placed so close to the projection surface, the projectors don’t take up valuable floor space. These can even be wall-mounted.
  • lnfo-tainment in business
    From museum displays to digital signage in leisure and shopping centres. Ideal for permanent or tinfoemporary installations, the projectors can also be used to show live sporting events, films and other pre-recorded information in bars and restaurants
  • Energy Savings
    Energy Management is easy with these projectors. The Ultra Short Throw Projectors come with useful energy-saving features which lower running costs and reduce the carbon footprint. Eco Mode cuts lamp intensity and power consumption by one-third.
  • Easy Device Management Tool
    As far as device management is concerned, administrators can check the status of network devices via Ricoh’s Web Image Monitor browser and even change settings remotely. Various applications can even helpeasydivice you save on time and money iPad users can add their own hand written notes to slides and even view or save those made by the presenter. As the leaders in Digital Multifunction Products, Ricoh already has a substantial market share of Laser Printers. The launch of a complete range of projectors, which convert the smallest spaces into ad hoc meeting rooms or information displays,further establishes RICOH as a complete ‘Document Management’ company.


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