Explore Customised Manufacturing Solutions to increase you r productivity

The manufacturing sector has its unique characteristics and concerns, chief among them being optimization of time and cost. With increasing demands of business amid a competitive ecosystem and increasingly stringent regulations, manufacturing organizations need technology that drives efficiency, sustainability and robustness in the system. Ricoh helps enable these requirements of manufacturing organizations by seamlessly integrating efficiency and employee productivity. So, whether it is an environmental or a sustainability requirement or even new ways to communicate and collaborate, Ricoh offers customized solutions, specifically tailored to manufacturing industry, that enable:

  • Optimization and reduction of operational cost resulting in enhanced profits
  • Mobility and ease of access to information for the mobile workforce
  • Enhanced productivity of existing setup/employee
  • Environment sustainability to meet various government norms
  • Improved security for Data, Devices and Documents to avoid any information leakage
  • Effective Communication and Collaboration between multi location [countries I departments minimizing travel expenses

Ricoh’s state-of-the-art solutions integrate Information Technology and Operational Technology across multiple platforms and locations, allowing the customer to focus on their key competencies.

Deploying Ricoh Manufacturing Solutions helps every department in an organization with its offerings to enhance efficiencies and bring down costs. It also allows for better information access and management – extremely critical for quicker and efficient work fiow processes as it significantly reduces time-to-market, ensures consistent quality and optimizes cost of operations. Here’s listing some of the features of the Ricoh Manufacturing Solutions applicable for businesses worldwide:


Department Specific Solutions

Ricoh has solutions specific to various departments in an organisation. Here are a few key examples:



  • Design and Development Department – Interactive Whiteboard and Remote Collaborations that provide smooth handwriting¬†and outstanding quality as well as real-time remote collaboration, where you just switch on and get interacting!
  • Sales and Marketing Department – CRM Solutions that supports an increasingly mobile workforce and improve sales¬†productivity.
  • Information Technology – Data and Cloud Services which increases productivity and efficiency with outsourced management.
  • Purchase Department – Factory Automation Cameras cut down errors in the production line and increase productivity.


Ricoh helps organizations to reduce the environmental impact by offering green products and solutions. In Addition, Ricoh will help you monitor how much you have contributed to the earth by having Ricoh Products and Solution.

Ricoh helps organisations to reduce the environmental impact by placing the office equipments optimally. We also encourage our customers to reduce the power consumption with energy saving modes in our products and solutions. We also help the customer to reduce the paper consumption by duplex printing. In addition, Ricoh provides @Remote Green Report Service that monitors and optimize the equipment usage.

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