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Who doesn’t need some systematic management of all the information that surrounds them – in folders, spilling out of desk-drawers, mail inboxes and spread sheets? Wouldn’t it be great to have a single solution for tagging, labelling, converting and making these documents available and shareable as and when required? Going through the discomfort of searching multiple folders to find out the right one and spending precious time doing unproductive work like sorting and finding is something no one looks forward to.

The information is always dynamic and so is your work; and hence you need best of the tools to bring together all the information you need when & where you need it to get required insights. In a nutshell, you need tools to make information work for you; and this is what a powerful, personalized document management system does for you.

Make use of Ricoh’s Personal Paperless Document Manager (PPDN) NX – an award-winning solution, to manage all your information by taking it from paper or digital files right to the Cloud, where you can store or share it with others.

What does the Personal Paperless Document Manager do?

Easily create, edit, share and scan PDF documents from all types of paper or digital formats with industry leading tools. Not just that, you can combine, convert, manage and share document- from desktop to cloud seamlessly. Go ahead and utilize faster processing, robust document conversion, cloud storage and expansion options featured in the new version of the PPDM NX. In the process, eliminate the need for additional software, such as Adobe Acrobat, to create and edit digital documents.

How to use the PPDN NX?

At the MFP

Personalize the MFP interface with your workflows and preferences, created at your PC. All you need to do is Log in to any Ricoh MFP, select your folder destinations and scanning options, press Start and do the following:

  • Choose whether to route documents to your computer, a network location or a document management solution
  • Quickly and with complete ease create standard images or searchable / editable PDFs direct from scanner with one-click Scan to PDF
On Your Desktop

Manage, convert, edit, share and create PDFs from virtually any file without Adobe Acrobat. With PPDM NX, you get the flexibility to stay efficient with drag & drop tools that let you quickly remove or replace pages, combine files or even add Microsoft Word and Excel files to existing PDFs. Save documents directly to DMS (Document Management Systems), search the contents of files without opening them, batch process multiple files and with it also save time with features such as automatic text redaction and PDF/A compliance checker. Expect the following:

  • Convert complex layouts and retain your annotations and comments accurately with an intelligent OCR
  • Convert non-editable forms into fillable PDF forms to capture information digitally
  • Search the contents of files without opening them and batch process multiple files to save time
  • Choose from a wide range of output formats including PDF, HTML, Corel®  WordPerfect®,
  • Microsoft® Word, Excel®, PowerPoint® and more
  • Save the conversion preferences that work best for you to automate conversion of future documents
  • Convert files to MP3 audio
On the go, in the Cloud

Get the freedom to send content directly to over thirty cloud storage services, including Box TM, Windows Live TM, OneDrive®, Google Drive TM, Office 365 TM, Evernote® and Dropbox TM. Perform the following:

  • Manage folders, files and documents and access them via a web browser from your mobile device
  • Use your iPhone (or a digital camera) to capture images and convert them into editable documents
  • Log-in and connect to multiple Cloud services at once
How does PPDM NX help?

With the PPDN NX, you can access data faster with paperless processes, boost productivity & efficiency in recreating images, documents or information that are locked in non-editable formats and keep projects moving forward with accurate PDF conversion. In short, it is the ultimate harbinger of workgroup collaboration, leveraging both cloud mobility and on-premise systems to make information work for you.



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