How will IT meet today’s towering demands?

by Don Neske

Business leaders have big plans for their IT departments. In addition to being the in-house tech trouble-shooter, IT man-innerwill be responsible for projects and capabilities with major influence on business growth and direction. And yet, only a fraction of IT budgets are available for anything beyond maintaining regular operations. How will IT do it all?

Ricoh designed this infographic as a way of depicting the tall order IT is expected to fill — and pointing to a solution with very tangible benefits.

As the data below makes clear, companies that have outsourced their IT have saved money and accomplished significantly more than they could with their own staff. A partner in IT services can help with ongoing demands like network maintenance, on-going monitoring and security, freeing enterprise IT to tackle the strategic initiatives business leaders have planned for the company.

From savings to productivity to efficiency, outsourcing can free-up IT resources for business-critical activities. Feel free to share this infographic on your blog or site.




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