Information waste: The hidden problem in plain sight

by Joyce Ouellette



In this era of analytics, statisticians and data scientists, companies today are collecting vast amounts of data – and they’re accumulating more and more every day. By and large, the majority of this information is unstructured: emails, papers, reports, PDFs, etc. Your employees rely on this data in every decision they make. But this data is often siloed and unavailable to others who may need it. And if all of your employees can’t get access to the information they need to make the best possible business decisions, it’s just waste. And it’s hurting your business.

Information waste is a huge problem for the modern company. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Businesses with a strong information strategy can optimise their processes, eliminate information waste, and position themselves for success in the new world of work.

For more information about information waste and how to rid your business of it, check out this presentation we’ve put together on the value of a strong information management solution and the savings that it can create.

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