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In today’s economy, environmental issues have real business implications: costs of natural resources are soaring as supplies dwindle. In addition, there are various Government initiatives to strengthen the environmental measures by Indian companies.. This is why Ricoh has committed itself to develop a business strategy with sustainable environmental management at its core. From green product design, manufacturing of energy efficient equipment, consulting to provide our customers with energy efficient office solutions, right down to the collection and recycling of our products, everything we do helps reduce usage of energy and resources, even as we push limits of technology and productivit limits of technology and productivity. Ricoh’s value added services will help your organization become green and reduce the impact on the planet.

What is Total Green OfficeSolution(TGOS)?

Ricoh created the concept of TGOSby using Green products, solutions and applications which will help you to reduce your carbon footprint and ___ to reach your environmental targets.

A “Sustainable Office” is an ideal workplace that meets the management’s needs from three primary viewpoints of sustainability in balanced manner.

The three viewpoints are:

Environmental Sustainability:  Minimization of electricity and paper consumption, wastes and ant other environmntelements that affect the office environment as well as environmental impacts incurred by the movement of people and materials

Economical/Social Sustainability: Generation of new values through cost reduction and productivity improvement. Benefiting communities through creation of business continuity environments.

Human Sustainability: Achieving a better work environment and a way to work which satisfy and motivate individual users while respecting their different ways to work and work-life balances

At Ricoh, ‘going green’ is more than just about social responsibility. Hence we provide advice on how to lower total cost of ownership (TCO), and reduce paper, power, and CO2 emissions

Paper Reduction: Ricoh’s technology and solutions help reduce paper waste – conserving both energy and costs. lifecycle

Energy Efficiency: Ricoh’s innovative power-saving and Quick Start-Up (QSU) technologies help reduce energy consumption.

Green Product Design: Ricoh’s product design includes up to 98% recyclable parts, to reduce waste to landfill. Ricoh continues to develop new materials that reduce environmental impact and paper consumption.

Legislative Compliance: Ricoh is actively engaged in environmental sustainability management to support compliance with environmental legislation at a global and country by country level.

Life Cycle Solutions: Ricoh actively promotes a society that re-circulates resources from design through to end-of-life recycling.

Value Proposition of TGO’s


Work Environment 2050

To conserve the global environment and make our society sustainable, Ricoh has set a long-term target of reducing environmental impacts resulting from the groups’ economic activities to one-eighth the fiscal 2000 level, by 2050. Based on the said long-term target, Ricoh tries to minimize the environmental impacts throughout product lifecycles.Specifically, we visualize the environmental impacts resulting from our own activities including “Procurement”, “Designing”, “Production”, “Selling” and “Servicing” of involving departments and set reduction targets for such impacts. At the same time, we encourage you to visualize the environmental impacts occurring through the use of Ricoh products at your sites. Believing that the visualization of the impacts of Ricoh products to the customer environment will bring mutual benefits to the global environment as well as the customers.



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