Managing education through integrated print & document management


Integrated, need-based facility for educational institutionslady

Ricoh Print DeskTM  is a first-of-its-kind integrated offering comprising printers and multi-function devices, applications, and a host of related services, all in a single bouquet. The components of the solution are selected based on the inputs received from the institute, that includes multiple parameters:

  • Print volume
  • Size of prints
  • Colour vs. Mono
  • Turnaround time for the print job
  • Number of users
  • Scan volume
  • Distance between user and nearest located machine

Keeping in view the challenges faced by institutes with regard to their print and document management requirements, the Ricoh Print DeskTM  offers numerous value additions.

Access-based and secure

With growing campuses, institutes are increasingly turning to industry experts for outsourcing their print services. They seek to provide a 24-hour service with secure access to the students, which they can utilise at their own convenience on the campus. At the same time, the administration wants to maintain complete track of the machines and individual users.

Based on an institution’s specific requirement, Ricoh provides an innovative and secure printing solution which allows a student to send his or her prints to a machine anytime. However, he can collect the prints only on tapping the machine with his access card, thereby ensuring complete document protection. This also enables the administration to monitor the print consumption of individual users on the campus, and assign specific quotas where required, thereby maintaining complete control.

Anytime, anywhere mobile printing

With increasing usage of portable devices on campuses today, students expect a readily accessible print facility across multiple devices, from anywhere in the campus.

Ricoh Print DeskTM  solution provides the facility of anytime, anywhere printing to students and faculty, enabling direct printing from any mobile. In order to provide devices on the campus continuous connectivity to the printers and the multi-function machines, the solution comes equipped with a wi-fi network setup

With the objective of providing complete outsourcing of the institution’s print and document management requirements, the Ricoh Print DeskTM  solution will include the consumables such as media, printer toner, printer drum and the developer for the contract duration. Ricoh also provides trained staff to the institute, to ensure smooth functioning of the facility.

Benefits for both students and institution

Ricoh Print DeskTM  solution offers convenience to the institute administration as well as the students, by comprehensively addressing their printing and document management requirements.

  • In-house availability of a comprehensive printing, document management service with dedicated and trained manpower – for the institute, administration and students
  • Anytime, anywhere printing for students on campus with the Ricoh Print DeskTM  wi-fi network
  • Multiple print machines provide a versatile platform to handle different print requirements including question papers, student assignments, projects, course material, notices, event photographs, collaterals
  • Card-based printing feature enables document security – critical for the institute during examinations, student performance data, and for students to safeguard their assignment material
  • Transparent tracking of print volumes on individual user basis by the institute administration, allowing effective monitoring of the usage
  • Scan to email facility for students, for direct sharing of course material and class notes with other students

Different ways to enjoy the solution

Ricoh Print DeskTM  will be available under 2 financial models – outright purchase and rent.

  • Outright purchase model: Under this, ownership of the assets will belong to the institution, and they can avail of the applications and services for a specific period upon payment of a license fee
  • Rental model: Under this, institute shall get access to the complete solution for a period of 36 or 60 months, upon payment of a prescribed rental fee

The price of the solution shall depend on the type and number of hardware and applications deployed as part of the solution.


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