Meeting diverse design needs in full colour wide-format


Full-colour printing increases accuracy of communication
The RICOH MP CW2201SP offers high-speed full-colour output as well as monochrome output and quickly returns from sleep mode, realising stressfree output. 10.1-inch MultiLink-Panel makes possible intuitive operations. It meets a variety of needs in a design field and has various features accelerating the communication that utilises colour scanner. Full-colour wide-format MFP, the RICOH MP CW2201SP can handle various duties and makes your business simple and speedy.

Full ColourFull-colour & All-in-one productivity 
The RICOH MP CW2201SP offers all three functions of plotter/copier/scanner in full colour and can increase accuracy of communication. Moreover, it makes possible effective design reviews and presentations.

Usability Usability 
The RICOH MP CW2201SP has a 10.1 wide Super VGA Smart Operation Panel to let you copy, print or scan with an interface similar to your tablet or smartphone such as tapping to start an app and flicking to scroll through pages.

The RICOH MP CW2201SP realises high-speed output, monochrome 3.8ppm (A1 horizontal) and full-colour 2.1ppm (A1 horizontal – plain paper, speed priority mode). Recovery time from sleep mode is only 7 seconds. Productivity of printing drawings will increase.

GELJET technology enables ink adhesion without heat, the result is outstanding energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

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