Picasso solution for real-time access to electronic medical images

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Anytime, anywhere access to patient medical images.

Ricoh Healthcare Solutions presents Picasso, a multi-specialty, workflow-driven system for medical imaging.This web-based system streamlines the clinical image lifecycle, while meeting healthcare standards and regulations. It combines Picture Archival and Communication System (PACS) and Teleradiology, and integrates seamlessly with any existing Hospital lnforrnation System (HIS) or Radiology lnforrnation System (RIS), to provide consolidated patient data. Our imaging and information management solution improves user efficiency, reduces turnaround time, and minimises the cost of clinical imaging services.

Key features

Ricoh’s Picasso solution yields a vendor-neutral archive and offers integration with multiple modalities, as also with existing HIS/RIS. Both physicians and patients can enjoy workstation and mobile interface (independent of platform and operating system). Picasso provides a great way of printing DlCOM images on plain paper, making it a cost-effective and environment-friendly option. It comes with customisable report search engine, and audio/video conferencing and desktop sharing for multiple users. Optional features include image archival on cloud & registration, and modality worklist & billing.


Multiple benefits

Ricoh’s Picasso solution for the healthcare market delivering high quality imaging with optimal image compression for archival. This enables easy viewing of images even at low bandwidth, with its web-based viewer with workstation (3D view) and OS-independent mobile interface (2D view). The best part is that it is on a pay per use model, without any upfront investment in hardware. Picasso is a cloud-enabled solution, offering integration with HIS/RIS as well as non-DICOM. It is HIPAA, DICOM 3.0 & HL-7 compliant, and treats patient data in a highly secure manner. It enhances patient convenience and streamlines workflow of healthcare facilities.

Creating value for all stakeholders



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