Plain paper printing solution for medical images

Enhance patient consultation experience, save on costs and go green.

With hospitals and clinics seeking cost-effective ways to produce good quality prints that physicians can use for treatment planning and consultation, Ricoh’s DICOM plain paper print soluon is ideal for sharing radiological images with physicians and parents. DICOM (Digital Imaging & Communications in Medicine) is the primary international standard for the handling, storing, printing and transmission of medical images and related information. The 50persolution allows users to print medical images such as X-ray, MRI, CT scan, Ultrasound and Nuclear Medicine on a range of media and in colour, for purposes such as medical discussions and parents’ records.

Traditional DICOM medical imaging printers print on speciality film or use solid-ink imaging. In contrast, Ricoh’s multifunction printers can print on plain paper and offer multiple advantages.



Guided by customer behaviour, not just technology

Ricoh is known for its suite of advanced products for transforming paper-based business systems into automated processes that improve business workflow and productivity. However, in the Indian healthcare scenario, digital imaging alone is not a practical solution because it ignores the people involved – physicians and paents. Referring physicians want physical images in their hands, without having to search databases, deal with DVDs, or have their bandwidth choked by huge image files. To fully comprehend diagnostic reports and explain them to parents, physicians want high quality images they can review and share easily. This is where Ricoh DICOM solution comes in.

Easy integration and simplified workflow:

Ricoh DICOM soluon is comptable with the DICOM 3.0 standard. It fits seamlessly into existing workflows, and there is no need for special training as it is operated just like a film printer. In fact, because you eliminate the need for special printing, handling, storage, transportation, and other infrastructure needed for film, you actually simplify your work process and that of your referring physicians. This leads to faster results and higher acceptance.

Optimised for excellent image quality

The solution receives DICOM images from a modality, and then prints them on Ricoh MP C2003SP printer. To achieve near film quality prints with depth and detail, the hardware and so:ware have been opmised for medical imagery, giving you deep, saturated blacks. You can further fine-tune print quality through the simple user interface.

Extraordinary savings

Ricoh DICOM solution helps you reduce medical image printing costs by up to 50%, compared to tradiotinal film-based solution. From start to finish, working with film is expensive and labour-intensive. Replacing film with paper allows you to share images with minimal expense. You also save on compliance and other environmental costs associated with using chemical-based film.

No investment, just pay per print

With Ricoh’s DICOM solution, you just pay for what you print. That means no heavy investments in expensive medical image printers, and no ongoing expenditure on consumables.

Better record-keeping

Paper prints are easier to store and transport than film, which also makes them more accessible. Paper can be annotated more easily. Finally, paper prints have a longer life, since they are less light-sensitive compared to film.

Environmentally safe

Because Ricoh DICOM printing reduces the need for chemical based film processing and equipment, and because the prints can be shredded and recycled, it will help you minimise the environmental impact of your daily operations.

Dedicated customer service and support

As part of our commitment to achieving 100% customer satisfaction, Ricoh DICOM printing is available with best-in-class service and support. A dedicated and qualified technical team is there to help resolve any issues that may arise with our soltiuon.


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