Powering Vodafone’s mobile Green IT printing initiative



Keen to reduce the environmental impact of its office print environment, Vodafone launched a Green IT ‘Less Paper Office’ initiative. Ricoh has developed an eco-efficient print infrastructure for the group. Ricoh’s solution supports Vodafone’s flexible work and mobility strategy, and has helped the company achieve significant and sustainable
reductions in carbon emissions.mainvoda

Championing sustainability

Vodafone Group PLC is one of the world’s largest mobile communication companies with more than 407 million customers, 86,000 employees and operations spanning 30 countries and 5 continents. The company is committed to sustainable business practices, taking active measures to reduce carbon emissions and publically reporting progress. Office printing was an area of the business that Vodafone recognised as offering the potential to reduce carbon emissions. The company had a mixed landscape of single and multifunctional printers, faxes, scanners and copiers. There was a low employee to device ratio and little control was exercised over print output.

Total Green Office Solutioncustomer

Vodafone formalised its requirements in a detailed RFP (request for proposal). Potential suppliers were asked to explain how they would support Vodafone’s ‘Less Paper Office’ initiative through the provision of a managed print service. The specific requirements included reductions in carbon emissions, paper consumption, consumables and cost. Ricoh offered a globally scalable managed service for office imaging (printing, copying,scanning and fax). Single function devices would be replaced with a smaller but more versatile fleet of energy-efficient multifunctional products (MFPs). Integrated software would enable mobile access to services whilst controlling output. Detailed usage reports would allow Vodafone to track progress against its environmental targets.

Standardised Solution, Local Adaptation

Vodafone had a fragmented print infrastructure. To gain a thorough understanding of Vodafone’s regional  equirements, Ricoh helped Vodafone conduct site-level print audits. The audits, which included detailed environmental metrics, allowed Ricoh to scope a standardised managed service which it tailors according to local need. Legacy devices – single and multifunctional printers, faxes, scanners and copiers – were replaced with an optimised fleet of energy efficient multifunctional products. The new devices provide the means to print, copy, scan and share documents in colour. The use of more versatile technology and intelligent software has  ramatically improved the user-to-device ratio. Rather than print to a specific device, users can release work from any convenient MFP by simply presenting their employee ID card at the card reader, or use their NFC-enabled mobile phone for authentication. Additionally cloud printing is provided which enables guests to print in the Vodafone offices from any mobile device by means of a pin code. The system improves mobility and, with work collected on release, enhances security. Any work that is not released is automatically purged, reducing waste.

Managed Services

Ricoh’s integrated print management software, Streamline NX, enforces sustainable print rules. Most output is printed double-sided in black-and-white, to reduce paper consumption and minimise print costs. Users can print in colour by overriding the default settings. An ecoinformation screen, visible on the control panel of the MFP, reports green print metrics. Ricoh supports the document infrastructure for Vodafone, responding taccounto print related helpdesk queries and proactively maintaining equipment. Using its @Remote service utility, Ricoh is able to monitor individual machine performance in real time, enabling Ricoh’s dedicated on-site service technicians to respond
quickly and effectively to any technical issues.

Ricoh’s solution supports Vodafone’s flexible work strategy. Employees can access the same state-of-the art technology from any location. Global rationalisation and standardisation has increased the employee to device ratio by 300% (from an average 20:1 in the past to 60:1), has reduced paper consumption by up to 75% in some regions and has led to an average 50% reduction of annual office print cost per user. Additionally Vodafone is reducing its CO footprint by almost 3 million kilograms per annum.



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