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Ricoh brings yet another revolutionary product to the business, industrial and educational worlds: the Interactive Whiteboard D5500. The product offering from the house of RICOH offers high-quality, smooth handwriting and a high-resolution display, and enables easy remote image sharing. This remarkable innovation is guaranteed make your business meetings, teleconferences, collaborative presentations and classroom training sessions much more productive and cost-efficient, while keeping all your critical data safe and secured.

Choose the RICOH Interactive Whiteboard D5500 to present drawings, review designs and share meeting notes in real time with both on-site and remote audiences. Read below to know more about the merits of the Interactive Whiteboard:

Smooth Handwriting   handwriting

On the D5500 you can write, draw or scribble smoothly and quickly using the handy electronic pen. Its nib has a soft-touch feel with no click sound, and its base incorporates an erase function. Writing feels more natural than on a normal whiteboard as the gap between the display and the protection glass is minimal.



Outstanding Quality

The whiteboard’s 55-inch, full HD LCD display incorporates an LED backlight for outstanding brightness and long life. Its adapted Gorilla® glass is clear and durable. The D5500 perfectly displays the faintest of handwriting and the nuances of detailed drawings, and helps you convey the key messages of your presentations clearly and powerfully. It is a perfect fit for your business or education needs, in the following ways:

Design drawings: Enables you to share high quality drawings, revise immediately, get instant approval, save and distribute. It’s that straightforward.

Printing proofs: Helps you reduce print costs by sharing and describing correction points directly on the screen.

Board meetings: Enables you to write, approve, share and distribute meeting minutes, memos and
reports before the meeting ends.

Real-Time Remote Communicationrealtime

An optional license allows you to share written contents with up to four D5500 units connected via the intranet. The D5500 can also be used as display f or Ricoh’s Unified Communication System* or other video conference systems, while simultaneously sharing the contents on the D5500 (‘picture-in picture’ function). 20 Remote Viewers can be connected to each IWB and with a total 4 IWBs, maximum 83 locations can view your presentation at a single point of time. Remote viewers can access the presentation from their PC, Laptop, iPad, Tablet or even from a Smart Phone.

 Switch-on Inswitchonteraction

The D5500 is immediately ready to use the moment you switch it on. There’s no need to install any software or perform any calibrations. Just connect it to your PC, iPad, tablet or smartphone with a VGA cable start working on your digital projections and interacting with your colleagues or students. Even a simply USB memory stick works.


Safe and Secure

Are you concerned about accidentally sharing confidential information you’ve displayed on the whiteboasaferd? There’s no need to be. In case of remote presentations, PIN code authentication can be enabled to prevent unauthorised use. Participants log in via PIN code authentication and all data is permanently deleted the moment you switch the whiteboard off, so that all your critical information remains safe and protected.

With the Interactive Whiteboard D5500, take advantage of high-definition displays, remote image sharing, smooth handwriting tools and powerful security to customise presentations in business meetings, training sessions, teleconferences and present your ideas exactly the way you ideate them, to make it a remarkable experience for everyone.

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