Presenting a series of new-age projectors



The new series of projectors from Ricoh yet again brings innovative products to the Indian market. Ricoh’s new-age projector models – PJ TS100, PJ RX300 and PJ X4340 – are a new advancement in the projection category, rendering bright and rich visuals. PJ TS100 comes with eco mode and provides crystal clear imaging. PJ RX300 (entry level short throw projector) is a best-in-class product weighing less than 2.8 kg. And PJ X4340, PJ X4241N and PJ WX4241N are short throw projection systems which prevent shadow formation on the board and allow free movement, essentially turning the projection system into a whiteboard.

Ricoh’s Ultra Short Throw projectors are a unique advancement in the projection category, as they are the only ‘vertical’ projectors that do not use an external mirror, unlike most UST projectors. These compact, lightweight and easy-to-operate projectors combine all the advanced functionality, reliability and value for money you expect from Ricoh.

Ricoh aims to constantly offer new and innovative products for the Indian market and be among the top three projector vendors in the country. This new range of projectors will help Indian consumers access the best in projection quality along with innovative user-friendly features. With Ricoh’s portfolio including visual communication products such as Projectors, Interactive White Boards and portable Video Conferencing solutions, users are empowered to communicate and collaborate remotely – by sharing drawings and notes, reviewing designs, and making annotations in real time.




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