Providing eyes and ears to talented young photographers



At Ricoh, we believe that business development is compatible with social sustainability. We pursue economic, social and environmental value so we can generate technological and business model innovations that make a difference.

As part of its social commitment, Ricoh and Child Rights and You (CRY) joined hands to launch the ‘View Finder’ Programme, seeking to identify children with a flair for photography. We kicked off the programme with the aim of nurturing talent and creating a sense of purpose among the next generation. Over the last two years, Ricoh has donated cameras and provided support to building photography skills among 100 children coming from difficult circumstances in Delhi-NCR, Kolkata, Mumbai and Bengaluru.Know-us-better2

A photo-book based on the theme ‘Share My World‘ and filled with moving visuals clicked by children across Kolkata and Delhi was also brought out.

This initiative has enabled these children to come up with some best of the stories of change and now they want eyes that can appreciate the beauty of their work, ears that can patiently hear them, and words that can motivate them for these stories.

Which is why on September 14, at RK Puram in New Delhi, we organised a platform where Ricoh volunteers came face-to-face with these young photographers – providing eyes and ears to them – as these talented kids shared their experience of finding a new talent within themselves.


The programme helped in enabling children to express themselves using the medium of photography, and in the process of doing so, gave them exposure to a medium which can become their passion and profession.

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