Ricoh and CRY celebrate World Photography Day by launching the ‘View Finder Programme’ for disadvantaged children

It is seen that oppinner-imgortunities for children in difficult circumstances are scarce, especially so when it comes to pursuing their interests and hobbies. This further compounds their disadvantaged status, as in any case, adults have a tendency to channelise children’s expression according to their own preferences and aspirations.

To address this issue, on the occasion of World Photography Day (19th August), Ricoh and Child Rights and You have joined hands in seeking to identify such children with a flair for photography. As part of what is being called the ‘View Finder Programme’, young photography volunteers will facilitate workshops for children, to help them understand and use the medium effectively to tell stories.

Ricoh India will provide RICOH-PENTAX cameras and project implementation support through which these children will be mentored on the skill of photography for next the six months in Delhi and Kolkata. During this period, they will also undergo master training workshop in which eminent personalities from the field of photography will interact with them and provide insights.

Ricoh’s guiding philosophy is encapsulated in its tagline imagine.change. and is based on the premise that change is driven by imaginative thinking. Every day, all over the world, Ricoh helps people harness the power of collective imagination to enjoy a more productive, fulfilling, and sustainable quality of life.

This programme, too, is in alignment with the work area – ‘Raising the Next Generation’ – defined under Ricoh’s CSR policy. Through this programme, the company intends to provide a platform for the children from the underprivileged section of society to pursue their passion, an opportunity to develop their talent into a profession, and to enable them to express a positive view towards life that all can see and get inspired by.

The young photography volunteer with CRY are excited at the prospect of facilitating this process with children and helping them share their interesting worldviews and stories, which get reflected in the photos they click. They believe the exposure that the programme will offer to the children may prove to be a turning point in their lives and may become their source of livelihood in future.


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