Ricoh Docs helps Suzuki automate document management

Ricoh Docs helps Suzuki automate document management

Suzuki Motorcycles India reduces costs and improves productivity by deploying Ricoh Docs

Ricoh Docs helps Suzuki automate document management

Business need

Suzuki Motorcycles India Pvt.Ltd. (SMIPL) started seeing a dramatic increase in the amount of data that needed to be managed over the last few years. Earlier, the company used to maintain Final Check – OK check sheets on paper. Storing data on hard copy and retrieving it manually cost the company more time and resources. Consequently, SMIPL started looking for a solution that could store and retrieve scanned data frominspection sheets and enable the users to locate motorcycle model types, model codes, month codes, year codes and serial numbers.

The solution had to also allow the company to retain inspection card or check sheet scanned data up to three years for domestic models and up to ten years for export models.


The solution

After evaluating various Document Management Solutions, the company finalised on RicohDocs. According to Vijaypal Singh Chauhan, who heads the IS function at SMIPL,RicohDocs was chosen as it provided good electronic data capturing and optical character recognition (OCR) features besides an equally efficient electronic record management system. “We also found RicohDocs to be cost-effective, user-friendly and highly customisable,” says Chauhan.  Post deployment, RicohDocs was integrated with scanners at the shopfloor, and also with barcodes.

This system uses a file server. When the operator in the factory scans a vehicle check sheet, the scanned copy will be saved in the file server from where it will be uploaded into RicohDocs. At the time of upload, the RicohDocs barcode scanner scans the check-sheet for the barcode and retrieves the ‘Frame Code’ embedded in the barcode. Using this ‘Frame Code’ and the SQL Query developed by Suzuki, the application fetches other details such as ‘Engine Numbers’, ‘Model Codes’, ‘Model Groups’, ‘AB OK Date’, ‘Final Check OK Date’ among others from the Suzuki database. Based on the Frame Code fetched from the barcode on the check-sheet, the file is stored into the respective folder in RicohDocs along with the metadata and the scanner ID mentioned.



Chauhan says that SMIPL has drastically brought down the total cost of operations since deploying RicohDocs. “In case of vehicle failure in the market, we can retrieve the original information in the check sheets within seconds now,” he says,“This helps us check the production history of a particular vehicle.” He also points out that deploying the solution has helped the company achieve significant process improvements as paper documents have been converted to digital for fast electronic distribution and easy sharing and storage.

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