Ricoh Global Eco Action 2017



Since 2006, the Ricoh Group has set 5th June, which is World Environment Day, as ‘Ricoh Global Eco Action’. On this day, all members of Ricoh Group around the world think about the global environment, take eco actions, and improve their eco awareness.


Ricoh Global Eco Action 2017 is being held under the theme of ‘Sharing ‘Eco-mind’ Together.’ By sharing experiences related to our common commitment to the environment with our office members, families, clients and others, we hope to expand eco thinking far and wide, and also help protect the global environment.

Ricoh is encouraging both organisations and individuals to take a pledge to practice the following positive action to the environment on 5th June. In the case of organisations, the pledge covers eco actions related to Energy conservation, Waste management & recycling, Green & campaign awareness outreach, and Resource conservation. In the case of individuals, the pledge covers eco actions related to Home, School/Office and Daily habits.

To take the pledge that is applicable to you, please click here

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