RICOH India emerges as an undisputable leader in the Customer Satisfaction (CS) Survey conducted by TNS

A great brand story is always backed by great Customer Experience, Relationship, Satisfaction etc. To take stock of its present businesses worldwide, TNS conducted a survey for RICOH. TNS is a leading global research agency with its global presence spread across 80 countries, which provide actionable insights that help organisations make impactful decisions that drive growth.

RICOH is committed to providing premium quality service to its customers thereby maintaining its leadership position. Competing in a heterogeneous regional market place, with close competitors, makes it difficult for any company to use a single approach to satisfying and exceeding the diversified and constantly changing customers’ needs. This situation calls for an ongoing monitoring of customer needs and satisfaction levels. In the survey conducted on customer satisfaction on its products RICOH not only emerged as the undisputable leader in India, but also maintained a remarkable lead ahead of its competitors.

The Regional Customer Satisfaction (CS) Survey 2014

The survey on customer satisfaction of RICOH products vis-à-vis competitors products was conducted between 26th August and 8th October 2014 in the Asia-Pacific region. TNS gathered a consolidated list of respondents, who were decision makers or influencers in purchasing or leasing multi-functional copiers in the office (any brands and models). The methodology comprised face-to-face interview with the decision makers for about 30 mins on an average.

The overall objective of the study, as conducted by TNS on the behest of RICOH was to track RICOH customer’s satisfaction and that of its competitors, in order to:

  • Evaluate RICOH’s strength of relationship with its customers as compared to competition,
  • Support building satisfaction by understanding drivers of choice,
  • Evaluate performance on offerings across different service areas

Consolidating past years CS driver analysis, the top 4 factors that strongly impact customer satisfaction consistently are ‘Product & Solutions’, ‘Technical Support’, ‘Sales Representatives’ and ‘Toner Supplies’. In the Financial Year 2014(FY14), RICOH’s performance with reference to these four factors were as follows:

  1. Product & Solutions: RICOH emerged a clear market leader with 10% lead ahead of its competitors.
  2. Sales Representatives: RICOH stayed ahead with a 15% lead
  3. Toner Supplies: RICOH emerged the best with a 12% lead ahead of its competitors
  4. Technical Support: RICOH stayed ahead with a 17% mark-up over its competitors

Even in ‘Customer Complaint Handling’ RICOH leads by 16%, while maintaining a lead of 15% in ‘User Training’.

Taking all these factors into account and the broader indices of ‘Satisfaction’, ‘Recommendation’ and ‘Repurchase’, RICOH ranks #1 in India. The top 3 reasons cited by customers for choosing RICOH products over others were ‘Good Printing Quality’, ‘Product Features’ and ‘Reputable Brand’. This is then followed by ‘Printing Speed’ and ‘After-Sales Service’.


In conclusion, while RICOH has already established itself as the leader in the India, the improvement trend continues in the Asia-Pacific region at large, which holds all the good promises for the future of RICOH businesses worldwide.

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