Ricoh India is the greenest company in e-waste management



The environmental NGO, Toxic Links’ has brought out its report ‘Time to Reboot II’, in continuation to the first report last year, which rated the top producers of Electrical and Electronic Equipment producers in the country on their performance on EPR (extended producer responsibility).
It is a matter of pride that Ricoh India has been ranked as the ‘greenest’ among 51 renowned brands (including Microsoft, Lenovo, Sony, Canon, Xerox, HP, Apple, among others) selected for the assessment on their e-waste management, especially their end-of-life management system. This is a recognition of the effective operations of the BUs and functions, in particular After Sales, Service and SCM.
In order to sustain and scale up our efforts in this regard, we are working on the followiasdghjng key

  • Eco-citizenship programme to create a resource-efficient and responsible value chain – Upstream (green procurement practices), Midstream (green organisational culture), and Downstream (green partner programme for customers)
  • Carbon footprint mapping of Ricoh India, so as to devise interventions in reducing carbon emissions
  • Differentiation in the marketplace through green building certification
  • Branding Ricoh India as a responsible corporate citizen, and as an organisation playing product stewardship role

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