Ricoh India now part of Morgan Stanley Small Cap Index


Ricoh India has been recently included in the list of Morgan Stanley Small Cap Index of companies with a promising growth outlook.

Being an internationally renowned Financial Services organisation, Morgan Stanley guides global investors on high performing financial stocks with a long term growth outlook. It carries out this assessment on the basis of the market capitalisation of the stocks of various companies, which in turn is linked to their overall business and financial performance, and future growth outlook. The parameters used for this purpose are stringent and only the best performing companies qualify.

With Ricoh India joining this coveted list, it is likely to further strengthen our credibility in the financial and the business markets in India. It is the outcome of individual teams working with purpose and passion, and also collaborating with each other seamlessly, in order to achieve a common goal.
While this is yet another feather in Ricoh India’s cap, it comes with the additional responsibility asdfgto ensure that the company continues to deliver a consistently high growth going forward.

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