Ricoh India strengthens the ‘Huddle Room’ solution offerings

Ricoh India strengthens the ‘Huddle Room’ solution offerings

Launches two large Interactive White Boards of 65” and 84”

Ricoh India strengthens the ‘Huddle Room’ solution offerings

The huddle is commonly used in sports – whether cricket or football – an action of a team gathering together, usually in a tight circle, to strategise, motivate or celebrate.

Imagine a quick 10-minute meeting to review things before you launch a programme. With current office infrastructure, it will be difficult to conclude using just spread sheets and PowerPoint presentations. Now consider a situation where all the participants can quickly scribble or check the individual responsibilities, and you can be sure go get things moving in no time.

As a global technology company, Ricohhas always had the priority to transform the way people work. Ricoh’s Huddle Room is based on the concept of human collaboration each time it is necessary to gather, communicate and get back to work. It brings in aquick, effective meeting concept to the workplace which will help improve productivity and efficiency.

Huddle Room will change the way people engage at work and promotes agile collaboration. It brings customers, partners and employees closer together by offering effective visual communication, in the process, reducing time, cost, and environmental impact, simultaneously increasing efficiency and performance. Huddle Room makes quick meetings and quick decisions a reality – using cloud technologies, mobile devices and video conferencing systems. Leveraging tools such as Ricoh’s Interactive White Boards, Unified Communication Systems and Projectors.

In a world where increased collaboration is often the key to better team performance, many companies are shifting from large conference rooms to smaller meeting spaces or‘Huddle Rooms’. Between people in the office, people working remotely, and people in different time zones, it can be challenging for workers to collaborate effectively in real time. Another hindrance to effective meetings is shrinking travel and hotel budgets, not to mention the time spent in transit. You need a flexible solution that optimises productivity and doesn’t break the bank.

‘Huddle Rooms’–small conference areas that can be equipped with audio, video and display technology – are vital in the new world of work. Outfitted with the right technology, these digital workspaces enable enhanced teamwork and collaboration over traditional conference rooms and facilitate meetings across multiple locations. With our team collaboration software, you will gain a portable, all-in-one solution that uses your existing network LAN and WAN connections, all without dedicated conference rooms, complicated technology or IT resources. As a result, your business can simplify collaboration and communication, anywhere and anytime — and make them affordable and predictable.

Ricoh offers meeting solutions that provide quick start-up and remote access, ensuring teams are on the same page, anytime, anywhere. From an in-room paperless meeting solution for displaying your files and presentations to remote presentations and collaboration, choose the configuration suited to your needs.

Recently, two more large size IWB models of size 65” and 84” have been launched, additions  to the already selling 55” model. The new Interactive Boards are modular in nature, allowing you to upgrade configurations later on, based on the meeting room requirement and audience size.

Mr. Yuki Uchida, VP & CMO of Ricoh India Limited explains, “In the new world of work, “huddle up” has a new meaning – it is designed to drive productivity, collaboration and efficiency. Ricoh Huddle Room solution for business makes information work for you by offering a suite of innovative tools for more effective collaboration and communication among team members – even when they’re meeting from multiple locations”.

Ricoh’s IWB are armed with HD to 4K resolution touch panel and an easy-to-use pen to deliver powerful presentations and conduct effective meetings. The minutes of meeting can be easily shared through emails or as a print, directly from IWB, removing the old school way of taking a photo and sharing. Moreover, with the addition of Remote Licence, the content can be viewed by another IWB at a remote location, and both IWBs can interact with each other. These IWBs can easily replace existing electronic white boards or the old fashioned white board with markers.

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