Ricoh leverages latest mobile technology to improve customer experience



Ricoh India has introduced a productivity-enhancing programme consisting of two integrated initiatives – SPA (Service Process Automation) and SAUNA (Service Adaptation, Utilisation N Assignment) – which significantly reduce the turnaround time for service jobs.

SPA allows service engineers to remain connected on-the-go through a customised iPad application, while SAUNA effectively automates Ricoh’s back-end administrative processes.

With SPA, Ricoh’s service engineers are now being equipped with iPads preloaded with a specially written application. They are able to check for part availability and place a request for a part in real time, using the application, even as they attend to the client’s job request on-site. As a result, the turnaround time is expected to decrease by up to 25%.

Compared to this, the previous service process system required communication between the engineers and call centre to be done via SMS, while requests for parts had to be done through fax or Ricoh’s intranet. With SPA, the time and effort required come down significantly.

With SAUNA, a built-in GPS function is able to locate the nearest available engineer and automatically assigns job requests to him. It also directs him via the shortest possible route to the client according to real time traffic conditions.
Previously, Ricoh’s workflow was such that service engineers and call centre service representatives were assigned a fixed set of customers resulting in an unbalanced workload distribution. SAUNA is a big step forward since job assignments are now automated, and the tedious paperwork involved in submitting requests and checking for availability of parts is now digitally compiled.

With SPA and SAUNA, Ricoh is leveraging the power of mobile technology in evolving its business processes, in order to deliver the highest level of support to customers.
The iPad application:

  • Directs engineers to the fastest route to the client
  • Receives job requests straight from the iPad
  • Provides real time traffic and weather information
  • Enables on-site engineers to communicate with their supervisor in real time, and simultaneously, the supervisor is able to review and manage the job from his end
  • Facilitates quick closure of a job
  • Paperless process, as generating service reports and taking customers’ signatures is now on the iPad, helping us go green; this takes forward our commitment to reducing our environmental impact, as also seen with the digital meter reading, e-billing and e-payment initiative


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