RICOH MP W7100SP / MP W8140SP: The revolutionary monochrome wide format printers

Recently launched at PAMEX 2015, the Ricoh MP W7100/8140SP is tailored to cater for the engineering needs of thepamex high volume user. The new series delivers high speed performance, flexible layout, the highest level of detailing, and new features that would drive your business and profits. The machines are robust, durable and built to last. They are designed to be a long-term investment for the organisation. Users can maximise their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by investing in a system with an exceptionally long life expectancy.

Salient features of these mono, wide-format, multifunction printers are as follows:

High productivity

Users will enjoy high speed output of A1 size paper at up to 14 pages per minute, and high speed scanning at 42.5-340 mm per second.

Exceptional print quality

These printers give sharp print output in 600 dpi high resolution. Also, CIS scanning makes it ideally suited for scanning the finest details from your originals.

Simple operability

The machines are exceptionally easy to use as office multifunction devices. They come with convenient USB/SD slot.

Flexibility for every environment

Large array of options are available to streamline paper handling workflow.

Printer controller

The fast, robust and secure print controller supports various file formats that are commonly used in the CAD market. This improves productivity by executing high speed processing.

Built-in printing

Driver supports – Web To Print Tool to build job sets from HP-GL, TIFF, CALS and JPEG file formats.

Built-in colour scanner

This embedded feature minimises system footprint, enabling scanning of documents directly to email, USB/SD, Folders, URL. The machines’ advanced technology allows end users to carry out printing and scanning simultaneously.

Document server

This enables scanning of documents of extensive sizes and types.


Users can be rest assured that the Ricoh W7140/W8100SP provides them and their customers secure transmission of business-critical data, so essential for transactional communications. Customer organisations can choose to restrict users and prevent unauthorised usage through user authentication, or protect data with the security function that overwrites and erases files from the hard disk. It is also possible to use encryption to prevent data leakage on the machine, such as Address book, authentication data, and files. User can choose to encrypt or delete the data currently stored on the machine.




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