Ricoh Nano-MPS: A unique solution for healthcare

Ricoh India has recently introduced Nano-MPS for the healthcare market. Nano-MPS is a customised solution designed to meet specific printing needs of Indian hospitals. Print management is a non-core function for a hospital. The IT infrastructure and processes – besides multiple internal users – at most hospitals put a huge print load at various points in the system. However, the very nature of healthcare makes it even more critical to ensure smooth operations, 24×7, across the year.

In order to run their operations, hospitals invest in a large fleet of printers of varied models, brands and functionality. They generate loads of printouts, demand for spares and incur huge upfront costs. Hospitals end up deploying 2-3 full-time dedicated resources for managing their print services, which is not only a big hidden cost, but also results in lack of control in the usage of their print services. Some hospitals also create a health hazard by using third-party toners that adversely affect the respiratory function of patients and staff.

To address these challenges, Ricoh India has launched an innovative solution that helps hospitals in meeting their printing needs in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Our trained professionals conduct a site survey to understand the usage, criticality and users. Accordingly, we suggest the best combination of printers (Multi-Function Devices, Laser Printers, and others) that meet the needs of patients, staff and management.

Ricoh relieves a major pain point of healthcare organisations, by providing SLA-driven services, and also providing dedicated manpower (if required) to mitigate challenges on daily basis. Salient features of this solution include:

  • A minimum of 20% saving from current print expenditure
  • Zero capex on printers
  • Single price per print from any printer*
  • SLA-driven commitment
  • Dedicated manpower (if required)
  • Assured green solution
  • MIS

Many corporate hospital chains have implemented our solution as we are able to provide coimg6nsistent delivery standards across the country. Two of our success stories are given below.
1. One of the leading JCI-accredited super specialty hospital chain:

  • 100 multifunction devices
  • 20% reduction in expenses to procure and maintain printing needs
  • Monthly print volume of 2,00,000 pages
  • 3-year contract

2. One of the oldest hospitals in India (operating for more than 6 decades),with around 350 beds:

  • 96 multifunction devices
  • Optimised print services with approximately 13% reduction in
    number of printers
  • 1 onsite engineer support and 1 remote solution unit
  • Monthly print volume of 2,50,000 pages
  • 3-year contract

* Different charges for B/W and Colour prints

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