RicohDocs 3.0 – Office Automation & Document Management Solution



RicohDocs 3.0 is a state-of-the-art office automation solution that helps users streamline the flow of their information, automate their business processes, and perform complicated tasks with absolute ease. It comes with multiple modules such as document management, process automation, hot folder, mobile application, MS office integration, records management and barcode integration.

ricoh-docsRicohDocs 3.0 helps improve the productivity and efficiency of different business processes, and at the same time enables organisations to maintain compliance with legal, quality and regulatory requirements. Some of the its most useful features include automated workflow, paperless office, OCR software, SaaS module, customised dashboard, document previewer, data security, and active directory integration are only to name.

Organisations of all sizes gain from RicohDocs 3.0 – through easy document management, smart monitoring, energy savings, reduced operational costs, improved productivity, and optimum use of resources. It is modular and customisable, so you pay only what you need. Without having to worry about documents, RicohDocs 3.0 allows you to work smart and stay focused on your core business.

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