Ricoh’s Digital Meter Reading & Billing System – Go paperless. Go green!


As a company, Ricoh has always been conscious of its environmental responsibilities, as exemplified by our philosophy of pursuing a balance between the ‘3 Ps’ – People, Planet and Profit. Now it extends this commitment to yet another area, and has invited customers to join hands with it.

society-economic-environmentRicoh conducted an analysis of its entire billing and payment collection cycle – including the use of paper, and the movement of our employees for meter reading and invoicing. On an average, in any major city, Ricoh employees travel 70,000 km every month, translating into 5,400 kg of CO2 emission.

This is avoidable, and to this end, the company is digitising its meter reading and billing process. All machines with the option to send automated meter reads will be invoiced based on the data captured through its cloud service, @Remote. Ricoh’s technical staff will work with customers’ IT support departments to enable the service, if it is not already enabled.
ricoh-digital-meter-reading-and-billing-systemIn parallel, Ricoh aims to implement paperless E-billing via email. Customers just need to share an authorised personnel’s email ID to operationalise this system. An easy and convenient way to pay bills via electronic transfer through RTGS/NEFT is also being offered.

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