Ricoh’s Full Colour Wide Format Production Printer

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The new RICOH Pro L4160/ Pro L4130 are the perfect soluon     when you want to complement your offering with display prinng.

Hugely versale, these printers will give you a wide variety of display material in high quality colour, thanks to the RICOH GEN5 print heads. By using the latest patented muldrop je1ng technology, these heads can create a droplet as small as four picoliters, resulng in smoother colour gradaon.

What’s more, with the addion of orange and green inks, you’ll also benefit from brighter images as well as a greater colour gamut – up to 93% of the Pantone range, allowing the reproducon of corporate colours accurately. The opon of white ink also allows for a wider range of applicaons to be printed, for example, transparent sckers and clear backlit films – creang  endless possibilies for graphic arts displays and prints.

Durable inks for inside and out

The Pro L4160/ Pro L4130 use eco-friendly, durable latex inks, which are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Prints can last up to two years under most condions as a result of the an-fade qualies and weatherproof qualies. Latex inks produce minimal volale organic compounds and hazardous air parcles, making them safe to use even indoors, without the need of any special air venlaon. Cartridges are also reusable, reducing waste and saving money. Prinng has never been more environmentally-friendly.

Print on almost anything

With a low curing temperature, a wide variety of media such as films, texles, vinyl and papers can be printed on. Also, a maximum output of 18.2m2/hr means the best producvity in its class. Producvity is further amplified by the built-in heaters and fans, eliminang waing for secondary processes as drying is instantaneous. Maximum producvity and efficiency is possible with the RICOH Pro L4160/ Pro L4130.

High Value-added Printing Increases Business Productivity

Versatile new ink technology: 6linkcolor

RICOH Pro L4160/ Pro L4130 uses aqueous durable latex ink. Latex (Resin) and pigment in the ink are applied simultaneously. Resin dissolves forming a membrane over the media. ACer it is heated, pigment is fixed. This allows various media to be used, including noncoated media such as paper or cloth.

6 ink colours allowing wider colour reproduction:

Going beyond standard CMYK, RICOH has added in orange and green, allowing more colour opons and increased colour gamut for exceponal results. White ink is also available, allowing high quality prints even on clear substrates by acng as a base colour.

High quality and productivity:

Equipped with RICOH GEN5 Piezo mul-je1ng printheads, up to three different drop sizes, wi6link1th a minimum size of 4 picolitres, can be produced.Printouts have a smoother gradaon and sharper details. With a high print speed of up to 18.2m2/h, producvity can be greatly increased.

Printouts are instantly dried:

In the RICOH Pro L4160/ Pro L4130, there is a 3 way intelligent heater – before print, during pprintoutsrint, and aCer print. By heang ink in 3 steps, the colour development and ink fixaon is effecvely promoted. The drying heater (post heater) also supports film forming and pigment fixing. Prints are dried and secondary processing such as laminaon can be done immediately. This also reduces total job me and lowers costs.

Colour modes available:

There are 8 ink cartridge slots with 3 colour mode opons:
4 colour mode (CCMMYYKK)colormode
6 colour mode (CCMMYKOrGr)
7 colour mode (CMYKOrGrWW)
3 layers can be printed in one single pass with white and coloured inks.

High Value-added Printing Increases Business Productivity

Eco-friendly Latex Inks:

Latex inks are pigmented and water-based. They contain very liHle volale organic compoundsecofriendly (VOCs) and are free from hazardous air parcles. No special air venlaon is required, and printouts are suitable for indoor use as well due to the minimal odour. This reduces the impact of prinng on the environment and enables an improved prinng environment.

Reusable ink cartridges:

The RICOH Pro L4160/ Pro L4130 pracse an eco-cartridge methodology. Ink cartridges can be reused repeatedly by changing ink packs. This not only helps reduce wastes, also save costs in the long run.





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