Ricoh’s Integrated Cloud Environment: Connecting users to the ultimate collection of document management apps on the cloud


Cloud computing is fast evolving, and is quickly becoming an essential tool for businesses looking to improve efficiency – both in terms of time and cost. The internet is undoubtedly every company’s most important asset. Making the most of the web through the adoption of cloud services is the next logical step to increase any organisation’s profitability.
To help our customers take full advantage of cloud services, Ricoh is offering Integrated Cloud Environment (ICE), a solution that provides connections to popular cloud services. It is a versatile and affordable solution which eliminates prohibitive technical costs of on-premise software, and accommodates unique document management requirements of the user.
Whether the user needs to scan and send files to popular web services or print on the go, ICE makes it easy, delivering exceptional freedom and productivity wherever work beckons.

An easy connection to the cloud

asdfICE is a solution that allows customers to connect to cloud services directly from a compatible MFP. It enables them to directly scan to a host of popular cloud-based services via the use of ‘connectors’. ICE provides smart integration with cloud
services in these categories:

  • Cloud storage
  • Cloud Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Customer Resource Management (CRM)
  • Email

Among the popular services are Box, Dropbox, Google Drive,
Evernote, SharePoint, Office 365, SalesForce, and so on. More
connectors will be added to the ICE package as time

Multiple benefits

ICE provides a number of benefits to customers who are actively using cloud services in their workflow or those who are looking to adopt new technologies. These benefits are:

  • Easy deployment because no additional local software is required except for the MFP browser
  • Users can directly transfer paper documents to the cloud, reducing physical storage costs
  • Intuitive user interface enables anyone to use the system
  •  Trusted Ricoh hosted environment ensures data confidentiality and security

Considerations before adopting ICE

The following are some questions you may keep in mind when considering Ricoh ICE:

  • Do you use cloud services, preferably in your workflow?
  • What are the problems you face with scanning paper documents to the cloud?
  • Do you require OCR when scanning documents for your archives?

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