Ricoh’s Managed Document Service boosts efficiency at Ansal API


With the deployment of Ricoh’s print services, Ansal API managed to escape frequent breakdowns and accelerate organisational productivity.

ansal-apiEstablished in 1967, Ansal API is a realty and infrastructure company that has witnessed four decades of strong growth in both residential and commercial projects. Ansal API currently operates in a range of business verticals such as integrated townships, condominiums, group housing, malls, shopping complexes, hotels, SEZs, IT parks, and infrastructure and utility services. The organisation aims to take on more challenging and innovative infrastructure projects to expand its geographical presence in the country.

Business Case
For an organisation that is four decades old and expanding multilaterally, its printing requirements could not be fulfilled by individual printing machines. According to Neeraj Gupta, Head of Information Technology at Ansal API, the company had been using the services of a local supplier for its printing needs. But they not only experienced frequent breakdowns, which was an impediment to the workload, but the overall quality of photocopying and the printed material was also substandard.

Ansal API needed a solution that wouldn’t compromise on quality, would offer colour printing options, assure management and support, minus chronic operational glitches. Frequent breakdown of machines wasn’t the only issue faced by the company. Unorganised management, lack of user-friendliness and lack of a well-defined service agreement added to Ansal API’s printing woes.

The Solution
“There are two ways to deploy printers,” says Gupta. “Either deploying an individual printing machine, or putting it on a central location.” According to Gupta, the maintenance and management costs incurred are quite high if a large company tries to deploy and manage the devices by itself. The cost of cartridge management and breakdown fixtures adds to the high installation expenditure. “If I put my own machine in a capex approach – then the ownership lies with me. But the cost of maintenance, management, toner cost incurred is also much higher,” adds Gupta.

That is why companies rather go for the opex model, says Gupta. “There are lots of players who provide this model but they use refurbished machines. In such cases, the quality is again not up to the mark and the efficiency of the organisation suffers.” As it is a refurbished machine, sometimes it gets quite difficult to get spare parts in the case of breakdowns – even for the supplier.

This is where Ricoh’s Managed Document Services helped Ansal API coast over the issues of frequent breakdowns, management and repair, and most importantly, quality.

Ricoh’s national presence and strong service network ensured that Ansal API wouldn’t have to deal with inconsistencies, whether in its everyday printing needs or for special projects.

Ricoh provided the company with Managed Print Services across different locations, after assessing its needs. Ricoh also ensured Ansal API’s employees were made familiar with the changes, once the services had been deployed.

For Ansal API, deployment of Ricoh’s range of printing solutions and services has resulted in a tremendous improvement in user interface and friendliness, as well as reduction in the total cost of ownership. The management, maintenance, and quality are assured by Ricoh when it comes to multiple functions such as coloured printing, scanning and photocopying.

Ricoh’s print management services has maximised Ansal API’s productivity, and reduced its waste and costs incurred due to continuous breakdowns. Ricoh has ensured the company has constant support of reliable services to manage its document needs.

For Neeraj Gupta, the biggest relief is that Ricoh now takes care of the entire process. And it has saved Ansal API’s time, money and accelerated its performance.


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