Selecting the right DCIM partner for your business

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DCIM partner for your business

It is often difficult to make that decision – choosing the right partner for Datacenter Infrastructure Management (DCIM)1. The challenge here is to identify the right technology aspects that meet your business requirements, and the right provider who supplies the right technology at the right cost. Datacenter acts as the brain of any organisation, so any fault in thesystem can potentially bring disaster to the business. Therefore, an organisation should look for a number of features while selecting its DCIM partner – scalability, flexibility, security, disaster recovery, and cost.


Businesses, big or small, will want their infrastructure to be scalable. A scalable infrastructure brings several advantages. In today’s competitive landscape, organisations are required toperform more using lesser resources. They need to evolve rapidly to accommodate growing demands, but often face limitations due to budget constraints and technology challenges. A scalable datacenter provides them with the option to grow as the demand increases. Scalability also brings efficiency by enabling optimal utilisation of resources. The hosted datacenter model comes into picture in this scenario. With hosted infrastructure, you are free from investments in an in-house server, processor and network. The hosting provider delivers the datacenter ‘as-a-service’, eliminating all worries associated with building a robust datacenter capable of withstanding today’s challenges. Leading datacenter providers also offer on-demand datacenter under pay-as-you-grow model, eliminating avoidable redundancy of resources. And the best feature of hosted datacenter is that it can be scaled indefinitely according to user requirements.


Flexible data center architecture provides businesses with the ability to add or remove components as and when required. For example, a business that needs high bandwidth capabilities may need high-end processors, while another may want large storage space to save the huge data originating from customer interactions. Accordingly, the DCIM provider should have the facilities to deliver the right scale and resources to meet these requirements. Modular datacenters are gaining popularity due to their ability to use resources optimally. The key consideration while selecting a DCIM partner should, therefore,be whether the service provides you with the option to select the components useful for your business. A rigid datacenter model, on the other hand, will limit the scope of the network and affect the performance of your business.


The escalating instances of security breaches have raised alarm among customers, making datacenter security of paramount importance. While selecting the DCIM provider, you must ensure that they have requisite capabilities to address the security vulnerabilities commonly found in today’s datacenters. While some datacenter providers deliver security as an in-built feature, others offer it as premium service, so you end up paying extra money for the same. An ideal practice is to deliver security as managed service wherein you get 24×7 support from the vendor at every stage of the datacenter operation. Typically, providers ofManaged Services offer the service in partnership with leading security solutions providers, so you can select the services by verifying the latter’s credentials.

Disaster Recovery

A datacenter without a Disaster Recovery plan fails miserably in service delivery. In today’s digital economy, when a single instance of outage causes huge revenue loss and irreparable damage to business reputation, businesses cannot overlook the role of DR in their datacenter. Competitive vendors in the market offer high-end backup and DR plans to ensure the safety of customer data and effective functioning of the business. In case of an outage in one data center, a failover takes place instantly, thereby eliminating any instance of downtime. Their data centers are maintained and managed remotely so the administrators get alerts whenever a calamity occurs.


Achieving a balance between cost and quality is a herculean task because you fear that a compromise on quality will have a direct impact on the performance of the datacenter. It is important to devise a cost-quality strategy before beginning the vendor selection journey. The best way to do this is to review industry opinion about the leading players, and shortlist them based on the parameters you have in mind. You should look for the essential features mentioned above, and assess the providers’ technological capabilities to decide how far they can support you within your budget. This is important because IT investment is not priority for many businesses, so they must ensure that every penny allocated for IT is invested wisely.

In a nutshell, DCIM investments should be carried out with proper planning. Care must be taken to select the right technology partner who can offer the right server, storage and networking components within your budget, yet without missing the core elements that make the datacenter capable of handling surges in data traffic, as well as concerns like security and redundancy.

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