Transform your retail business through digital automation


Transform your retail business from cash register to the standard, reliable and scalable Ricoh retail solution

The Indian retail sector, contributes about 15% to the GDP, and is on a roll over the last few years. However, the sector finds it hard to sustain the momentum, as not only is it largely fragmented and unorganised, the small and medium retailers show great reluctance in embracing the latest technology that could make them competitive.

The Ricoh retail solution offers integrated hardware and software along with pan-India support and services. Our solution includes inventory control and purchase, in addition to the other typical functions such as store sales information for enabling customer returns, MIS reporting, analysis of sales trends/cost/price/profit.

By automating the retail business, retailers not only accelerate their transaction process, but also imwhts-new-nov7prove customer satisfaction level, do more business, optimise inventory management as well as usage of store space and staff.

Highlights of the solution

Single dashboard

  • Realtime dashboard
  •  Flexibility in organising and reporting tools

Self-checkout kiosk

  • Modern, easy-to-use interface, built on the latest technology
  • Quick checkout with wireless payment facility

Employee management

  • Attendance management, shift management, track employee-wise sales
  • Appointment management, based on attendance



  • EasyPOS is subscription-based


  • Quickly see who are your most loyal customers; connect with customers via social media, mail, mobile app and SMS
  •  Wish customers on important dates such as birthday and anniversary

Analytics-based marketing campaign

  •  Run marketing campaigns based on customers’ spending capacity, region, age group or gender
  •  Gain insight into campaign performance and ROI with analytics

Loyalty programme

  • Reward customer loyalty and grow repeat business with a loyalty programme that is powerful, flexible and easy to join

POS retail modules

Available on terminal/mobile devices, our modules are multi-store, multi-user, loyalty-ready, and e-commerce compatible. They work using self-checkout kiosk and wireless payments.

POS E-commerce

  •  Ideal for online shopping
  •  Seamlessly integrates customers’ back office into a single unified system
  •  Web-based, giving customers a complete experience with access to all products, images, promotions and schemes

POS Passes

  • Deploys digital passes on Apple and Android devices, helping engage customers with a digital loyalty card, digital coupons or digital gift cards

POS Loyalty

  •  Points and rewards management application
  •  Integrates with any business management or retail application using its APIs

POS Lifecycle Marketer

  • Communicates by running event trigger campaigns
  • Extends offers on birthdays/holidays and maximises your CLTV (Customer Life Time Value)

POS Analytics

  • Retail-specific, intuitive dashboards provide strategic and tactical insights for faster and effective decision-making
  • EasyPOS Analytics allows use of this information and effective running of retail businesses


Intelligent touch POS terminal

Ricoh offers the latest all-in-one POS terminal featuring high performance and reliability. The fanless touch POS terminal is ideal for use in hospitality and retail businesses where long hours of billing and transactions are extremely common. It is powered by Intel Atom 1.6 GHz CPU, a fanless solution which makes it quiet and offers low power consumption.

  • Pin point touch response: Five wire resistive touch ensures high quality and reliabilitywhts-new-nov9
  • Spill-proof design: Tested to IP55 standards for protection against dust and liquids
  • Expandability: Easy integration with MSR, iButton, fingerprint and customer display
  • Compact: 25% smaller footprint than traditional designs
  • Low power consumption: Fanless design ensures low power consumption
  • Rugged: Drop-tested from 25 cm height. Aluminum die cast finish on the rear makes TP-A570 extremely rugged

Barcode scanner

  • Multiple image formats
  • Flexible communication
  • Auto-sense/Hand-free
  • Adjustable stand
  • Rugged body

Thermal printer

  • Print speed of 48 bills/minute: No more long queues in your store
  • Auto-cutter: 1.5 million cuts; so you can tear your bills neatly
  • Lowest cost to serve: 20% lower product life cycle cost
  • Logo printing: Print your store’s logo for better brand retention
  • USB & parallel interface support: Built-in dual interface for better connectivity
  • Drop-in paper load: Effortless paper loading and changeover

Ricoh laser printer

Ricoh SP 111 is an affordable, yet high performance B/W laser printer (16 ppm, A4 size) offering:

  • Eco saver mode
  • Ricoh genuine refill toner
  • GDI
  • High productivity
  • Jam-free operation



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