Virtual Server over Dedicated Server: Reasons for your choice

Businesses looking for a web hosting plan are often confronted with dilemmaasd
over choosing between dedicated server and virtual private server (VPS). Leading IT services providers offer both dedicated and virtual hosting plans allowing customers to choose the best fit for them. Although it is a strategic decision to choose between a dedicated and virtual hosting plan, hosting providers witness greater demand for virtual servers than dedicated servers. Listed below are a few reasons by which virtual servers score over dedicated servers:


Virtual servers, also called as semi-dedicated servers, are the cost-effective alternative to dedicated servers. Advancements in virtualisation technologies have greatly helped in reducing the cost of virtual private servers. Modern VPSs use technologies like VMware, Hyper-V, etc., to provision dedicated resources to different websites. At the same time, they share the same physical hardware. VPSs are ideal for small websites which do not handle massive traffic all the time. A standard VPS package can be added at a starting price of around $30 per month, while a basic dedicated package costs around $100 per month.


Virtual servers are highly scalable, which means you can scale the resources such as CPU and RAM as and when the need arises. There are different VPS packages that you can choose from, with options to upgrade to higher plans without changing the hosting parameters. Each VPS package can be considered as a container allocated with a fixed amount of resources. The moment you plan to upgrade the plan, you can do it within the same server with the click of a button. On the other hand, if you are opting for such changes in a dedicated server, you will have to get a new hardware installed and change the server configurations, which may result in a few hours of downtime and loss of traffic.


At VPS hosting, you are the sole owner of the server space, so you get access to root panel. This means that you can configure the settings and choose the preferred OS and hosting platforms. Many VPS hosting providers offer a wide choice of platforms beyond just WordPress and Joomla. You also have the option to choose the services you want, for example, managed services, SSL certificates and additional security features, depending on the requirements of your business. On the other hand, dedicated servers come packed with several features that you may not require at all, but you are obliged to pay as part of the hosting package. All of this adds up to unnecessary costs and infrastructure wastage.

Control over resources

Dedicated hosting is ranked high among hosting plans mainly due to the fact that users get complete control over the resources, but it also means they are the priciest among all hosting plans. Shared server, on the other hand, leaves the resources open to all users sharing the hosting plan, making the website vulnerable to performance and security issues. Virtual server acts as an intermediary between dedicated and shared servers, offering a fixed amount of resources that is guaranteed 24×7, with option to add burst resources in case of an unexpected surge in data.

Apartment vs. Condominium

In a standard analogy, a VPS may be compared to an apartment, whereas a dedicated server may be compared to a condominium. In an apartment, your family gets an exclusive space, and you have the control of the entire space and resources allocated for your family. You also have the option to customise resources and add them whenever the need arises. Here you share the basic infrastructure with other families there; but since the cost is divided among all, you enjoy the facilities at a cheaper rate.
However, in future you may add new members to your family, and you may want to move to an exclusive condo. Here you will have all resources dedicated for your family alone. You may not utilise them all fully, but you will be paying a fixed charge for the assets. Obviously such a choice will be pricier.
In nutshell, the choice of hosting plan entirely depends on the nature and scope of your business. It’s always better to consult an IT services provider who could guide you choose the right hosting plan that best fits your requirements.

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