When your world is not Flat, Why must your camera be?



Struggling to learn the art of taking the right picture with the appropriate angle containing the whole view? How many times have you experienced pure bliss in the beauty of a place while physically being there, but couldn’t carry the moment back? Haven’t you often wondered how wonderful it would be if your camera could capture shots with the complete scenery just as you view them?

Thank heavens for this unbelievable invention to solve all your problems. Ricoh Theta is a spherical camera that captures the ENTIRE 360 degree space around you. And with just one touch! 80 now, when you see an incredible view that takes your breath away, you can capture it at the same time as capturing your expression of amazement. The camera creates a sense of presence so real, that it feels like you are actually there. With Ricoh Theta you realise that things that you didn’t notice while shooting are waiting to be explored in your photos.



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  • Enjoy photos & videos with the click of a button: You can capture your complete surroundings with a simple press of the shutter button. Ricoh Theta will automatically adjust the image orientation and capture that precise moment. Its unique technology enables smooth 360-degree viewing that allows smooth Wi-Fi transfer and serial shooting image transmission.
  • Share the space around you, easily: Share the images and videos with friends and family by posting to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr directly from the iPhone®app, or the Android®app. You can also share your street view with the world by posting images taken by Ricoh Theta to Google Maps.
  • Viewing Images: With the Ricoh Theta app, you can also swipe & pinch spherical images and create & enjoy your favourite perspective.

So why wait? Get your Ricoh Theta and see the world from not just a new angle, but all angles at once!
Experience being a part of the image yourself.

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