With Raahgiri, Ricoh supports a public culture of sustainability


Raahgiri Day has been the latest buzz in town! It is an innovative concept that involves temporary closing of core cityrahgiri-side streets for motor vehicles and opening them up for people. People come together in large numbers and use the street to cycle, skate, run and walk; to partake in community leisure activities such as street games, street dancing; to learn yoga, aerobics and zumba. Raahgiri is organsied on certain Sundays in various parts of key cities, by public agencies with support from corporates, citizens and volunteers.

On four consecutive Sundays in the month of August (9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th of August), Ricoh India enthusiastically participated in Raahgiri Day at Connaught Place, New Delhi. Ricoh supports Raahgiri because it is an initiative that promotes wonderful ideas such as road safety, fitness and health, reduction in vehicular pollution, and inclusive development.

As part of our promotional activity, there was an exclusive flywheel that helped create interaction with the audience by providing a photo opportunity, through redemption of a coupon. We made available a Pentax camera for capturing pictures of people’s happy moments, which were printed using a Ricoh printer, and distributed in a branded photo jacket. In addition, we placed a Ricoh canopy at the venue for information dissemination, and distributed Ricoh-branded T-shirts, caps and car sunshades – these activities and giveaways attracted participants and created excitement around the brand.

Thanks to the various interactive promotional activities, this fun and healthy concept evoked a very good response from the participants, who came from various walks of life. The events gave Brand Ricoh a vibrant and highly visible platform to reach out to the general public. Having experienced such a successful response, we plan to take part in more such Raahgiri Days in the future.

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