3D Printing: Leading the next industrial revolution

Setting the standard in reliable and affordable desktop 3D printing and scanning.

3D printing is an exciting new technology to reliably print your designs with a quick turnaround. It helps you bring your innovative ideas to life, and minimises the time needed for your prototypes to hit the market. If you are a brand owner, it is an affordable and convenient way to showcase your brand through unique and customised 3D printed products for your marketing campaign or event. The possibilities are many – you can use 3D printing to make your product samples, promotional items, logos, event giveaways, gifts, models, and parts.




Quick, affordable, innovative

In 3D printing, the user does not need to make large, upfront investment in moulding. It is possible to print first and verify your drawing, enabling ultra-fast prototyping and model making, from the convenience of one’s desk. It makes possible to demonstrate one’s proof of concept with ease – in a matter of minutes, the product developer/innovator can simply reverse engineer, digitise the product, and convert it into a 3D, editable design. Innovation and iteration, too, can be undertaken as often as needed.

As per an estimate by 3D printer manufacturers, MakerBot and Stratasys, 3D printing can realise a 40%-90% reduction in lead times and 70%-90% cost savings, when used in the creation of jigs and fixtures.

Ricoh’s product portfolio

Desktop 3D printersprinters

Ricoh’s Desktop 3D printers are best suited for generating prototypes sitting right at your desk. They are easy to carry and handle (weighing between 5 kg – 40 kg), with compact build volume ranging from 3.9×3.9×4.9 inch to 12.0×12.0x18.0 inch (WxDxH). They are capable of using different types of thermo-plastic filaments (multiple colours available).

Industrial use 3D printers

Our industrial use 3D printers can be used for printing real parts and functional prototypes. This enables the user to perform testing for form, fit and function. These printers are ideal for small, precise, detail-rich parts and casting patterns such as jewellery, electronic components, general foundry casting applications etc. They can use multiple types of filaments (thermo-plastics, metals, wax etc.).

3D scanners

Ricoh 3D scanners transform your world from physical to digital with ease. Scan volume ranges between 0.2×0.2×0.2 metre and 3x3x3 metre, the most diverse scan range in its class. The scanners come with auto-optimised settings for small and large objects like a book or a motorcycle, full human figure, and scenes as large as 10 feet tall and wide. Their software is intuitive, fast, accurate and easy to use. Scans are performed in seconds and they can be cropped, enhanced and solidified for printables in just minutes.

On-demand 3D print services from Ricoh

Ricoh India also provides on-demand 3D print services; payment on per 3D print basis. Customers can simply send their designs to Ricoh and get the 3D printed prototypes/models delivered to their doorstep.

Ricoh brings world-leading Makerbot 3D printers to India

Ricoh has recently launched four 3D printer models from Makerbot brand – Replicator Mini, Replicator, Replicator 2X, Replicator 218. Makerbot is world’s largest selling Desktop 3D printer company headquartered in Brooklyn (USA). MakerBot 3D printing products and services can be used to bring new mechanical, industrial, architectural, medical, or artistic designs to market fast.


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