Digital workplaces do not just enhance productivity, but attract top talent too



In today’s era, a workplace is not just limited to having a physical place with a set of furniture, office equipment, and a conglomeration of employees sitting and working in their office hours.  A workplace now has evolved into a destination where people, technology and place come together in a symphony enabling multi-mode ways of working. With digitalisation of the workplace, the workforce can collaborate and work from anywhere.

Today, digital technology has empowered many organisations to implement a digital workplace to create growth, improve efficiency and productivity, inspire innovation and creativity, as well as enhance engagement and interaction by eliminating communication and collaboration challenges which were present in a traditional business set-up.


Organisations are fast adapting to the changed tenets of working together, digitalisation has transformed the workplace with cost savings, a mobile and agile workplace and improved adaptability and flexibility. It is an opportune time for corporates to leverage the opportunities offered by digital transformation.

Today the milieu of our workforce is fast changing; Millennials are forming an important part of our employee strength. Millennials have different aspirations, with work-life balance forming a key part of their priorities. Generally speaking, more and more employees are seeking to achieve the elusive work-life balance, feel more involved and inspired at workplaces, and move beyond the traditional confines of the workplace.

A visionary technology leader in such a scenario must empower digital workplaces by enabling easier collaboration with co-workers, where the real-time exchange of ideas and information is a reality, and where the employees have access to all the tools they need to make them and their business more productive. No longer are organisations geographically restricted, whether in recruiting the best talent, or in making the ideal project teams come together. Cost-effectiveness, time saving, and convenience are the main benefits of workplace digitalisation.

Technology service providers need to focus on providing cutting-edge technologies with an ambition to improve productivity and collaboration, while simultaneously creating an environment where the employees feel invigorated, motivated and willing to give their best, without being restricted within the confines of traditional workplaces. This, in turn, promotes a healthy work-life balance. Enterprises can leverage global collaboration, and bring on board more diverse and geographically dispersed staff.

There are three key elements to work in a new way at a workplace. First is People, second is Processes, and the third is Technology. In this new and smarter way to work, we observe that processes are streamlined using technology, through a three-step approach of Workflow, Workplace and Workstyle.
In today’s world, where the workforce has become more mobile, companies believe in offering their employees a flexible working opportunity, looking at the benefits it offers.

Digital workplaces will increasingly be the preferred destination for the workforce, and will help in attracting and retaining both new and existing talent. This will ensure these organisations remain competitive. The right technology partner will help you get the tools and the expertise to enable your workforce to become much more productive, always connected at office, home, flights, and any other place in the world; while reducing your organisation’s carbon footprint at the same time.


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