How cloud is important to business in this digital era?


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The current technological era has changed the strategies that organisations used to employ to be successful. As technology is evolving, so is the competition. Hence it is an approach based on customer satisfaction that is likely to make a difference. Cloud-based technologies have so much more to offer to add value to customers – like instant connectivity, and easy data access anywhere around the globe.


Cloud technology is helping fuel the digital evolution. Here are some reasons that make it important:


Flexibility in resources

Cloud computing helps all types of businesses to get the resources they need for smooth functioning of their day-to-day work. Also, scaling up becomes much more flexible as one doesn’t need more space, manpower, hardware etc. One can simply seek temporary increase in resources on cloud when required, and revert to default setup, saving investment in hardware and infrastructure.


Backup and recovery solution

While it may be convenient for bigger companies to own in-house backup, small businesses can opt for cloud-based backup to ensure a hassle-free process while enjoying significant savings. You also get expert services from top professionals dedicated to the backup process, which small companies would not have hired on their own.


Auto software update

With the cloud servers being maintained by a third party, you can step back and just focus on your core business. The servers would get automatic security updates to ensure hassle-free functioning.



It is an important factor for small businesses to hire services and save money, while continuing to provide the best-in-class service to their customers. Cloud computing makes it unnecessary to go in for hardware such as expensive servers and expert resources to run the system efficiently.



Data access among a company’s employees becomes a lot easier and quicker, as the data is in sync with the server almost instantly, and is accessible to all authorised employees all over the globe. This enables greater time saving by avoiding unnecessary delays, and leads to better collaboration between employees.


Independent workplace

Cloud computing helps companies to enable their employees to work from anywhere they want, like work from home. Companies are focusing on keeping their employees happy and providing them with flexibility to work as they feel comfortable. This also helps companies to stay in touch with their employees at all times, and get time-critical jobs done in urgent scenarios.



A cloud-based approach secures all the data systematically at one place and provides access only to the authorised people. Also, one can define the levels of access allowed to different levels of employees in a company. The data could be instantly available from the cloud with proper authentication, and can be stored for a long period of time, without any problem whatsoever.


Today, Ricoh focuses on EMPOWERING DIGITAL WORKPLACES using innovative technologies and services that enable an individual to work smarter. A resilient cloud environment is an obvious requirement for all organisations today, as this is where they can securely store all their mission-critical business applications and data. Keeping the varied requirements of enterprises in mind, Ricoh offers a wide range of public, private and hybrid cloud hosting services. Ricoh’s cloud hosting services make it easier for remote employees to access important information in a secure environment, collaborate over the web, and communicate with other team members in real time.

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