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The day of white boards and erasers are long over, as most corporate offices have made the transition to interactive whiteboards. Given the intense competition in the business space, time is money, and interactive white boards can help you save both time and money. These boards enable you to get the message to the rest of your team instantly, with soft copies containing all the annotations and additions you may have made during your presentation. Here are some of the key reasons why corporates have started opting for interactive whiteboards:

Instant communication – Whether you are presenting a business plan to your team, or brainstorming a strategy to corner your niche, an interactive whiteboard can help you communicate with the rest of your team in real time. While with the earlier editions, you would have to print copies to be handed out at the end of the meeting, with the new edition you can conveniently email the content as a PDF file with annotations. These boards give you the depth you need for your presentations, enabling you to add and remove data with your fingers and email a soft copy of the relevant files and folders with all annotations to the rest of your team.

Real time collaboration – The key feature of interactive whiteboards is enabling you to host digital, interactive meetings with others via networked devices and peripherals. The whiteboard supports about 20 users at a time, and this enables you to collaborate by sharing the screen with others, iterating the content in real time, discussing and plotting strategies, and annotating the same. Additionally, interactive whiteboards enable you to share the screen with remote users, irrespective of their location.

Increased engagement among meeting participants – Majority of corporate meetings today are done over video conferencing and tend to spend a big chunk of time on one-way presentations. Though these PowerPoint slides may contain important information, they are more useful for information sharing than spurring further discussions. With interactive whiteboards, colleagues get encouraged to engage more elaborately, and are well suited to discuss project plans or solve business problems which may require engaging the entire team. Colleagues need not take notes during the meeting, enabling them to remain more focused when engaging with one another in a collaborative session.

Mobile connectivity – You are able to network your whiteboard with iOS and Android phones, making it easier for users to connect with and attend the meeting. Mobile connectivity ensures that you can share the board with others, even if they are on the move, literally. This would help increase both efficiency and efficacy of your whole team, and get the message to them in real time, irrespective of their location.

Touch-friendly – Interactive whiteboards are touch-friendly, which essentially means that you do not have to spend time erasing anything from the main panels. A big reason why you need interactive whiteboards for your meetings than the older and staid variant with erasers.

These are some of the key reasons why corporates have increasingly opted for interactive whiteboards. Apart from the fact that these panels support rich graphics and offer better presentation tools, it is a fact that these boards come with increased functionality that makes all the difference. This is why most companies are making the transition to holding paperless digital meetings, with information being shared in real time.

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