Printing as a Service (PaaS) – A revolution in printing




With Ricoh’s Printing as a Service (PaaS), you can get best-in-class B/Wlaser printers for your A4 printing requirements, without making a huge upfront investment. PaaS allows you to use these printers on a pay-per-use basis. Ricoh’s PaaS platform ensures your machine uptime is maximised, through real time monitoring of your machine status, and by proactively taking care of toner replenishment and maintenance requirements.


So affordable, you don’t even need to buy them
Under PaaS, you can simply lease the device, so you do not have to make any upfront investment. You only pay for what you use, and your monthly lease payment covers machine administration and maintenance. So the cost of toner and repairs will never take you by surprise. It’s a smarter approach to document output.

PaaSIntelligent printers, so you never run out on toner
Our PaaS printers come with genuine high capacity toner cartridges that hold more toner, so they need to be replaced less frequently than ordinary cartridges. What’s more, the Ricoh Data Centre monitors your device so that when you run low on toner, a replacement cartridge is automatically dispatched to your office.

Automated, real time monitoring, for higher uptime
Not only do the printers streamline your workflow, our platform ensures that machine downtime is reduced to a minimum too. At Ricoh Data Centre, we also monitor your device status so that it triggers an alert if any maintenance is required, and a technician is sent over to your office right away.

Enjoy outstanding print quality
The printers are supplied with 100% genuine Ricoh toner, so that they always deliver outstanding print quality. We advise you not to use spurious toners, as not only do they give suboptimal print quality, they also have an adverse effect on thesmooth functioning of printers.

Remote management, for higher efficiency
Ricoh’s PaaS platform ensures that your IT team does not need to inspect the printers directly. Usage status can be monitored online, simplifying resource management. For instance, if these devices are installed at multiple sites, the head office can provide oversight on deployment efficiency online.

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