Ricoh Asia Pacific turns to clean energy


Kazuhisa Goto

Kazuhisa Goto, Managing Director of Ricoh Asia Pacific, announcing the use of renewable energy
at Singapore’s regional office during the Eco Action Day Circular Economy Industry Roundtable.

Building further on the new environmental goals announced by Ricoh Company, Ltd to strengthen its commitment to fostering sustainability, Ricoh Asia Pacific took the lead as a regional headquarter to switch to the use of clean energy. It has done so by powering 25% of the requirements of its Singapore regional office from renewable sources, with effect from 20th June. It will increase this to 50% in 2018, and by 2019 the regional office will be 100% powered using renewable energy.

As the regional headquarter in the Asia Pacific region, Ricoh recognises that business activities depend greatly on natural resources and global eco systems. Also, environmental issues such as global warming and limited natural resources present both risks and opportunities for businesses, so it is important for companies to strike a balance between conservation activities and business sustainability.

As the first Japanese company to join the RE100, a group of influential companies that are committed to 100% renewable power, globally, Ricoh Group is committed to using a minimum of 30% renewable energy by 2030 and 100% by 2050.

*For more information about Ricoh Group’s commitment to 100% renewable energy reliance by 2050 and becoming the first Japanese company to join RE100, please click here

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