Ricoh India strengthens the ‘Huddle Room’ solution offerings



Ricoh’s Huddle Room solution is in line with the company’s endeavour to transform the way people work. It is based on the concept of human collaboration each time it is necessary to gather, communicate and get back to work. It is an effective meeting concept to working place which will help improve the productivity and work effectiveness.

In a world where increased collaboration is often the key to better team performance, many companies are shifting from large conference rooms into smaller meeting spaces, so called ‘Huddle Rooms’ – a small conference area that can be equipped with audio, video and display technology,  vital in the new world of work. Outfitted with the right technology, these digital workspaces enable enhanced teamwork and collaboration over traditional conference rooms and facilitate meetings across multiple locations and different time zones. Saving time and travel cost for any organisation.

Ricoh Huddle Room solution will change the way people engage at work and promotes more agile collaboration. It brings customers, partners and employees closer together by offering effective visual communication, in the process reducing time, cost, and environmental impact, all the while increasing efficiency and performance. It makes quick meetings and quick decisions a reality – using cloud technologies, mobile devices and video conferencing systems. Such tools include Ricoh’s Interactive White Boards, Unified Communication Systems and Projectors.

Ricoh offers meeting solutions that provide quick start-up and remote access, ensuring teams are on the same page, anytime, anywhere. From an in-room paperless meeting solution for displaying files and presentations, to remote presentations and collaborations – the user can choose the configuration best suited to his or her needs.

Ricoh India has also announced the launch of two more large-sized IWB models of size 65” and 84” in addition to the currently selling 55” model. The new Interactive Boards are modular in nature, allowing customers to upgrade configurations later on, based on the meeting room requirements and audience size.

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