Simplify workflow and process management with office automation

Simplify workflow and process management with office automation

Simplify workflow and process management with office automation

Workflow and process management is essential for organisations looking to improve operational efficiency and employee productivity. Advancement in office automation technologies has helped organisations alleviate some of the concerns associated with management of workflow and processes. Let’s have a glance at some of the leading technologies designed to help streamline various processes in your organisations.

Integrated document management
Strategic alignment of key business processes in today’s data-driven environment has become a challenge for modern organisations. Integrated document management solutions from leading office automation service providers now come to the rescue of these businesses. They help streamline the data flowing from one process to the other by avoiding unnecessary delays in operational procedures while also maintaining security and compliance. With intelligent automation capabilities, you can avoid repetitive tasks causing unnecessary operational delays and bring significant improvement in process efficiency.

Office automation using networked MFPs
To further simplify workflow, organisations today turn to networked office automation technologies with innovative capabilities to capture and route documents to different paths and locations in the network. The server-based solution can perform a variety of functions like routing documents to e-mail addresses provided in the company address book, creating PDF files automatically for archiving, automatically routing incoming faxes to select network folders, and more. These solutions are ideal for small and medium businesses, departments or branch offices, yet scalable to meet your infinite demands in future. The networked office automation solution is beneficial as it brings significant cost savings in overnight delivery, faxing, storage, document handling, and more.

On-the-go workflow and process management
With mobility initiatives maturing in enterprise environment, it has become essential for organisations to integrate their workflow and process into employees’ mobile devices. While this may sound a bit alarming – thanks to the growing security concerns – there are intelligent document management solutions from leading technology vendors across the globe which alleviate these concerns and help you build a world-class business in today’s mobility-driven environment. For example, solutions like on-the-go print/scan allow mobile workers to scan documents and print from their mobile devices. Even more advanced, some technologies let you transform paper documents into editable electronic documents at the touch of a button. Also trending is the HotSpot printing which allows you to print on-the-go from your mobile or laptop without requiring additional software, applications, drivers, etc.

Remote document management
Quite often, employees face difficulty accessing an important document while away from their desk. Thanks to advancements in document management technology, the hassles associated with managing documents remotely are addressed with the press of a button. With a centralized storage hub and with the right metadata, tags and index, it is easier to dig the exact information in just a matter of seconds from anywhere. The solution also supports features like collaboration, file conversion, digital archiving and more. Advanced solutions like on-demand printing let you print the frequently accessed documents from an MFP or LP located anywhere in the world.

Accounts Payable solutions
Advancements in Accounts Payable technology have brought some of the best products in the market, which could redefine the way the Accounts/ Finance team manage their workflow. The automated financial management will not only bring process accountability but also help reduce turnaround time. This will help you build best supplier experience as well.

While the list above highlights some of the latest trends in office automation, it does not cover the entire facet of workflow and process management. There are innumerable solutions available in the market, with each one capable of addressing some specific applications at specific levels. For example, the enterprise document management software with sophisticated business process management capabilities helps accelerate the flow of information throughout your enterprise. Set numbering solution is another tool designed to automatically assign page numbers to documents. This is especially useful in legal and publishing industry.

While the scope of office automation varies across organisations and industry verticals, there is consensus among them on the importance of adopting these technologies to develop a sustainable business process. The market for workflow and process automation technologies is evolving thanks to the optimism shown by the SMB sector across the world, and especially in developing markets like India. The momentum is likely to continue as more and more businesses turn to advanced technologies to simplify their business process.

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