Transform your document capture, distribution & output management with RICOH Streamline NX


What's newRICOH Streamline NX is an integrated ‘all-in-one’ suite of document management applications that work seamlessly together to put you in control of your entire document workflows. Users see one unified interface at the multi-function device (MFD) to scan documents and use secure printing. Administrators can configure RICOH Streamline NX, manage users, devices and access reports all within a single application.

Ricoh India has recently announced the launch of Version 3 of the solution.

Below are the salient features of SL-NX v3:
RICOH STREAMLINE NX v3 device management software
Streamline NX v3 software helps to simplify device and document management tasks, including administration and reporting, MFP authentication, tracking and charge-back and mobile administration. Perform upgrades remotely. Analyse customisable reports. Enhance security. Add optional modules for Scan & Capture, Secure Printing, Mobile Device Support, ID Card Authentication, PC Desktop, @Remote, Driver Distribution and Extended Item Settings for advanced capabilities.

Centralised, one-source control across the enterprise
Reduce the burden on IT and deliver features that end-users want — without toggling between multiple applications. Ricoh Streamline NX v3 is not a combination of software products; it’s a modular software suite for managing your printers and digital multifunction printers (MFPs) and document-related processes via a single, intuitive user interface or admin console. Use it to simplify device management, scanning, faxing, printing, security and accounting tasks.

Transform and manage print devices 
Simplify how you set up, monitor and manage your fleet of networked and non-networked devices. Access real time information to avoid maintenance delays and downtime. Use your smartphone or tablet to check print meters, toner levels and other settings. Receive alerts via email when consumables are low. Modify and set print settings instantly.

Make smarter administrative decisions
Configure settings and analyse the results from a single, easy-to-use printer interface. With authentication support for external LDAP and Kerberos databases, you can manage accounts and access at a global level. Deploy rules-based printing for specific users and devices. Set roles-based administrative levels. Track output, set quotas, access job logs, generate customisable printer and copier user reports and more.

  • Run 90+ standard comprehensive reports and more than 35 dashboard reports
  • Filter data by categories, including documents, users, departments, dates, type of tasks and more
  • Run simulations to assess future performance and improve resource planning

Improve user accountability
Find out who is printing what and assign chargebacks to manage print costs. Use network log-ins and PIN codes at the MFP to track the number of prints and copies for every user, even those using mobile devices. Issue chargebacks to individuals, workgroups or departments. With a wide range of usage details, your accounting team can make educated decisions to maintain productivity while allocating print costs. What's New

  • Track every user and access detailed usage reports
  • Set pricing and account limits by device, group, document and page characteristics
  • Support client billing and project ‘matter’ codes

Add mobile convenience 
Access the web-based admin console via your iOS, Android or Windows Phone 10 smartphone or tablet. With real time emailed alerts, you will know instantly when supplies need to be replenished or other device maintenance is required. In fact, you can perform all administrative tasks, including upgrades and firmware updates, remotely. Add optional modules for expanded mobile support capabilities, including remote printing, photo uploads, scanning and more.

Authenticate every user 
Validate users with a single sign-on at the MFP or laser printer. Users gain access via network login or PIN on the Smart Operation Panel touchscreen or keypad. Minimise unauthorised usage and access to sensitive information. Restrict the use of colour prints or set duplex printing as the default for specific users and workgroups. Release documents for printing only to authorised users. Add the optional Scan & Capture or Secure Printing modules for card authentication capabilities.

Major benefits of the application

  • Reduce IT management burden with easy-to-use modular software
  • Centralise management for printer fleets of almost any size and manufacturer
  • Track activity and assign print rules to improve security and reduce costs
  • Use your mobile device to perform almost any document management task

Access 90+ reports with stats about devices, jobs, environment and more

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